Honor Gear in 9.2

My random battleground queues are always super short now, so I imagine they’ll only get quicker as the patch draws nearer and its release date actually announced.

Curious to see if they go ahead and make honor upgrades even cheaper so everybody gets full 259.

Well that would be great, at least in the short term for pretty much everyone.

There was no “massive renown requirement” if you actually played the game.

People do play it, and at the start the requirement was massive and is still large.


How do you figure? There’s no timegating behind it anymore.

You can switch covenants NOW or get a fresh 60 and your renown is instantly 40 on every single covenant at level 50. (If you have already done them up.)

Then every single thing you do going forward can reward renown, and that includes random points for simply completing bonus objectives, unlocking your soulbinds, doing dungeons, torghast, battlegrounds, world bosses, etc.

There’s zero reason to include renown in this thread as it’s not only not relevant to the gear gap /ilevel variance that is currently going on and will apparently continue in 9.2; as stated, unless you don’t really play the game, it’s a non-factor period.


After your main is 80 renown. New players it sucks for.


You still gain renown for playing the game relatively fast.

And unless you intend to “engineer” this narrative to suit your own agenda/conclusion here, the context of my posts would generally be for active players or those who would end up progressing into 9.2 versus “brand new never played SL players”.

Renown still wouldn’t even be the biggest issue for those folks and not going to argue that WOW is horrible for anyone starting fresh currently, but that’s probably better in another different context thread.

You’re still gated getting an extra 17 renown (after the 40 renown boost for alts) just to max your honor gear that barely helps you in the game at max update. Major deterrent and shouldnt have been in the game in the first place. Not to mention to get the last 2 renown 78-80, you need to do those quests which isnt obvious in any way to new players. There’s basically zero guidance in-game that tells you that. Blizzard is too hellbent on getting those token sales and play-time metrics that they dont even update in-game help to tell you what to do after big changes. Even the co-president of blizzard boosts lol. If SL is annnyyyy insight to what the game direction has gone, i dont feel 10.0 is going to be any fun.

just wanted to pop in here to remind everyone there’s no gear gating while partysyncd into 51-59.


I am renown 71. You definitely do not earn renown fast playing BGs.

I want to try out Kyrian ele too, but can’t until I unlock renown 80.

My friend that plays WoW ? Yeah, not even going to bother with any renown and will be quitting WoW again because of how bad gearing is.

30-59’s is all that is left and renown is incredibly slow if you just do BGs

Epic BG wins have like a 80-100% drop rate until somewhere in the 70s

You also don’t need max renown, as you get most benefit by 55-58

If you win. Joining those long queues for a chance isnt fun.

You absolutely need near maxed renown. Stamina buff? Enhanced conduits? Unranked Honor pvp gear rank 7?

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Queues are short, though.

Last one is at 59

Relatively minor.

On my server, epic queues are 10-15 minutes or longer. Not short. I know a troll when i see one to claim the conduit empowerment is minor lol

They’re region-wide.

Varies by spec, but in general it isn’t that big a deal, no.

Honestly, not even sure wtf I should be doing to get into PvP right now even if I wanted to. Mythic+ I guess… and just pray for Versatility?

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Sadly the best thing right now is probably go mistweaver and try to get some 2s wins with a dps to at least get some upgrades. 2s also give 50 conquest per win

Do 2-3 epic bgs first to buy a 1/7 trinket and 1/7 bm first though

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I would farm BGs to get a couple of 1/7 honor trinkets and jump into 2s as Battlemaster says. Don’t mind loses, just spam games until your MMR drops enough.

You can also farm BGs a little more to get some practice, fill every slot to 3/7 honor gear maybe to get a bit easier head start on arenas. But unfortunately arenas gear is too good to pass up, so at some it’s recommended to do them.

RBGs can be an option as a healer as well. But you will definitely need some minimum PvP gear to be accepted. But if you hate arenas, this is an option as well. Farm honor gear a little more to 4/7 or so and try applying.

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No one said that LOL. If you go back to my posts it listed a variety of ways to get renown. You could do a ton of things I mentioned and if you are new to the covenant, you can go back and do the campaign for massive boosts, Torghast works into the 70s on 9/10s though it’s not “guaranteed” it was quite regular. LFR, World bosses, my 50 alt druid is 50+ in 2 already lol without doing anything pretty much.

It’s absolutely hilarious we have folks “italic/bolding” not or whatever almost insinuating that I am giving out bad information. Go re-read the posts / messages as that’s either comprehension issues or focusing your own narrative for some unknown reason.

Pay attention!

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But if I want to switch covenants and not grind renown from 0, I need 80 renown to unlock the instant 40, don’t I?

Also, I queue epics and regular and play whatever pops next. My rate of acquisition is atrocious though.