Honor cost : Beta vs Live ; an increase of 35%

Looks like the beta prices were using the Black Temple (2.1) patch price adjustment. Here’s a comment from the Hunter helmet on wowhead:

Looks like they could be patch progressing the honor prices.

I stated this the day they “fixed” the honor rewards in pre-patch.

In REAL TBC, it took 8-10 hours to grind the honor for a piece of “welfare pvp” gear, that is with way longer queue times because of server populations.

It always took longer to get the marks than the required honor points. ALWAYS.

I’ve been pvping now for 12-15 hours with instant queues and still need 40% more honor just to buy a fricking bracer! The cheapest pice of gear.

This is a reduculous screw job from blizzard, who realized that jobless kids today play 20 hours + a day, and they need to stretch the content as long as possible.

On top of this, we have daily quests, and badges system that wasn’t impimented until wrath… Well where’s my pvp vendor for badges?

What’s that? I can buy 2 years of in game experience for 49.99?

What? I can buy a mount?

Where did my free character slot go for a shaman? Was I suppose to EXPECT TBC when vanilla classic was launched that I should have saved a character slot?

Is that an option that will be available for sale in the future? hmm?

Just get the token out already so kids can spend their stimmy checks on arena carries.

TBC is now just retail with a different skin and talent points, and quite honestly the greed disgusts me.

It’s only been 15 years, we remember what was in TBC, and this aint TBC.

I am callin it here, servers dead in 2 months tops.


This isn’t true. You can go look through archived forum posts or comments on wowhead and they’re virtually always like this:

There’s a reason you can turn in marks for honor but not honor for marks. Stop gaslighting people.

Wowhead comments from 2007. The facts upset you, I realize this but I’m not going to stop.

I can post links because I abide by the forum CoC and I don’t propagate misinformation.

Seriously guys I just pointed something I taught it was odd and was seeking for an explanation. There’s no need to derail the whole thing and getting ballistic…

That is correct, except it’s a 20% reduction from Season 1 to Season 2, and then another 20% from Season 2 to Season 3.

An example:
Sergeant’s Cloak Season 1 cost: 11794 Honor (+20 AB Marks)
Sergeant’s Cloak Season 2 cost: 9435 Honor (+20 AB Marks)
Sergeant’s Cloak Season 3 cost: 7548 Honor (+20 AB Marks)

That is certainly the case for me and my memories. I didn’t personally spend any Honor in original TBC until at least patch 2.3, because my raid gear was fulsome for my PvP purposes the first year of TBC.


There you have it folks. Honor is accurate.

Thanks for the clarification Kaivax. Thanks for all the work you and the rest of Blizzard have put into TBC classic.


Well me and many others will quit.


Quit over what?


Hey according to Kalivax we all get 40% discounts! You’ll only have to grind 30 hours now per peice of outdated gear instead of 40!


The concept of having tons of AV marks was from the fact that people farmed AV for honor and farmed the other bgs to meet the mark requirements. That’s why AV marks in particular was a “you’ll have tons” type of comment people would have back then.

Originally when HK farming as the meta, the amount of AV you did back then determined the honor/marks ratio.

When ranks got normalized for honor and a diminishing returns were both added to nerf HK farming, it no longer became the meta. In fact, this time was possibly the WORST time for honor that ever existed in WoW history.

In 2.4 Blizzard had to fix this glaring problem. They did two things.

  1. They removed the diminishing returns on honor from kills. This didn’t make HKs into the meta again but it still allowed honor kills to consistently mean something in PvP.
  2. They added the Concerted Efforts NPC since mark gain was DRASTICALLY exceeding the honor gain to purchase the items. In 2.3 there was a time where people just burned marks on consumables or destroyed the marks in huge numbers.
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Back then, horde didnt have these absurd que times.

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Back then, people didn’t mindlessly bandwagon a faction for racials and server disparity abuse.


This was basically how it was.
There was 1k glads in season 1
3k glads in season 2
5k glads in season 3 and 4

The lv70 PvP gear early on was not worth the effort for PvP even. I would even go as far to say the level 60 PvP gear was more meaningful in hindsight. But in season 2 and more notably season 3 the gear gap started to mean something. After you spend honor on purple offset pieces, you stockpile till season 2. Save arena points for season 2 also.

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This is what I’ve come to. Season 1 is an absolute wash.


Thank you for the post!

Sounds like we should just jump to that now.


please tell me you guys are discussing buffing honor rates or something



A terrible mistake in design choice. Using your honor now is a big mistake. Save it until later. Especially considering how terrible it is to farm honor right now for a casual player. Spending honor now would be a big big mistake.

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Gloves and medallion folks, all you need