Fixing Honor, Queue times, and PvP Gearing

it is insane that we have to go through this at all

(confused) what do we have to go through? This post?

Nobody has to play this game. Nope. I checked – the governor of California did NOT require that.

games are supposed to be fun, having to replay classic amounts of bgs is not fun anymore, you can stop your sh** argument right there, ofc we dont have to play the game, we want to and we arent all 11-13 years old anymore, maybe you are unemployed and have endless time and are still on the idiotic #nochanges kick, but nobody, literally nobody else is.

im glad you have nothing going on and can play bgs all day, really, im happy for you.

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if you don’t want to play the game, why are you here?

oh, you cant read can you

That’s the price for the blue set of gear reducing in price over seasons, not off set pieces/catch up pvp gear in general. Off set pieces forever remain that price, and it only gets worse when there are multiple rings AND a battlemaster trinket to farm in future seasons.

Also its hilarious that you think this is somehow justified in saying “don’t worry, it’ll be a whole 20% cheaper in season 2 and another 20% cheaper in season 3”. This blue set will continue to be worse and worse as better gear comes out in future seasons. In season 3 you’d still be looking at a 281ish hour grind for a set of gear that is that outdated and low quality by that point in the game. Just such an insanely bad system.


I agree with your assessment. It does not honor the players time to play the game. There is a grind and then there is this… It leads to people not actually even playing the bgs and AFKing making for a miserable experience is every facet.


There is a flaw in your math. Horde queue times are not 18-24 mins. I would rejoice to those queue times. They are at min 30min-45mins in the morning. 1 hour + in the evenings and weekend.


Well said. I’m actually surprised this post does not have more responses. This hits the nail on the head.

Increasing honor gains solves nearly every problem. Please buff it blizzard!


6 hours on oceanic horde :frowning:

Have not play the game since 2 weeks in hope that it ll be fix or lets say changed to match their player base life style 15 years later… but i guess not, probably gonna unsub.

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I dont remember it ever being this bad to farm honor. Something isn’t right.


yes, someone played scorched earth for the last 2 years thinking nobody will remember…

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I’ll probably do some more number crunch but
I’ll probably end up coming to the same conclusion I have now

And that is to just quit. I came back to pvp and do some casual pve.

These numbers don’t include gold grinding for gems/enchants or rep grind/attunements (if you want to pve too).

I’ll run my own numbers tomorrow but yeah… I have a feeling I’m just going to quit and find something else to do.


Let’s go blizzard! Mercenary mode PLEASE I just want to BG! I don’t even care about honor!

I 100% agree this honor gearing is ridiculous, blizzard when it comes to pvp gear had the best formula in cata and wod. But was still a time requirement to get full honor gear but it wasn’t bad definitely doable. the fun part about pvp definitely isn’t the journey of getting full geared.

The best part is getting full geared and then actually being able to play pvp, and that’s when it actually starts being able to push rating, etc. I mean the argument for the 100% purists makes sense but, honestly I just don’t want to subject myself to this grind and I don’t think most people would want to do this either. I’m not 12 or in highschool anymore my career and my fitness is just much more important than this game now. outside of the weekends I have about an 1 hour or 2 hours a day to play this game at most.

with the calculation, it will take about 140 days to get full honored geared as alliance. It really goes back to you know I thought I wanted this, but I really didn’t.


nothing to fix
Q times are instant
perhaps rerolling will do the trick


Everything is aligned with how original BC was in this matter. if you don’t like it go find a game that satisfies you. But stop requesting for change in the game.

Community created issues like long queue time MUST be resolved in the community itself and not with a change in the game.


so the pvp community just quits

got it, brilliant idea


That’s how BC is. don’t play it if you don’t like it. It’s for people who like that.