Honor calculations

I received the same response recently. I think some GMs are giving the standard “we cannot add kills or honor, sorry” while others are giving more in-depth responses with some knowledge on the issue. I personally believed the response I got, that it is the display cache still being worked on. Reason: My lifetime kill total is accurate, it is just the weekly/yesterday/today sections that are being buggy in display.

Honor just reset for US-Whitemane. Was suppose to get close to 48k honor, got 26k.

Your lifetime total is accurate because it increments when the kill occurs, just like the ‘today’ tally. But when they extract the kills from the database daily and calculate actual honor including diminished returns, they are overlooking tons of hks. Note it is this daily extract that is used to tally your weekly kills and honor.

Fresh to the situation, is it possible that an honorable kill gives let’s say, 200 honor normally, that the person’s been farmed enough for the DR to put it down to 0 honor, but the kill is still honorable so the estimated honor pop up says it’s still 200?

No. Most of us are using addons that take into account diminished returns. But that said, the kill numbers themselves are also coming up way short with regard to the daily kill number in the honor panel before the rollover occurred.

I logged of this afternoon about 3PM. I had exactly 30 hks for the day and approx 1200 honor. Just logged back in - credited with 15 kills and a little over 600 honor. However my lifetime kill total is, and remains, correct. It has to do with how they are extracting records from the database during the rollover so they can calculate your daily honor,

Ah. That sucks. I guess me and my 8 HKs couldn’t understand.

I just logged in and out …after the “daily reset” I am at a fraction of the honour and HK’s that I had…

I had 214 HK’s with 20399 honour …after logging back in I have 20 kills with 0 apparent honour?

I know that I had at least 15k honour for yesterday, but it says I only earned 4.2k… this bug is making this game extremely hard to play.

It’s the same thing as if you had hit a level grinding, logged out, came back online and were back at the level prior, but with a tiny bit more XP than when you started.

I am so confused as to why the lifetime HK’s remains correct, but the honour calculations are so FUBAR’d… :confused:

Lost 30% of my HK’s and a ton of honor. Respond Activision.

The lifetime kills tally immediately when the kill is made - just like the current day. Blizzard evidently extracts the daily kills when the rollover occurs and calculates the honor (factoring in diminished returns for duplicate kills). It appears that there is something seriously wrong with how they are extracting the daily kills - and it appears that it is the results from this extract that make up your weekly numbers for purposes of ranking.

Blizzard, this is the second day of this, im now down ~450-500 kills total. After the servers crashed on wed 27th of nov the honor system on Blaumeux - US Pacific has deleted hours of our time for no reason.
Before logout -> i.imgur. com/vHRN9Qi.jpg
After login -> i.imgur. com/55FNonq.jpg
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what changed in those few minutes?

since extended maintenance tuesday, the honor rolls over at 4pm which actually extended the no honor window 4pm-8am, all that honor is lost just like its been lost for people that play 3am-8am the past 2 weeks

the honor system is not working i’m missing tons of honor BLIZZ HELLO??!?!

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I sincerely hope you’re correct and the HKs will be there. I don’t think you guys really want to keep losing players.

Off to bad start, Blizz. Get it together and figure it out.

Yeah, there’s zero chance the honor will be there.

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same–missing a few thousand honor. A little frustrating because it seems less and less likely a display issue and more likely a calculation problem for some characters and not for others.

Most characters have their honor calculating correctly, but some of us are just not gaining honor or have our honor being erased.

That tauren in the other posts is correct; if you’re playing at night you aren’t getting any honor at all.

Up to 50k+ honor missing this week now and have opened a ticket with screenshots proving there is a problem somewhere. Please give us a blue post adressing this just so we know if we can still farm hks and honor or if we should just not bother cause it wont register anywhere. I should be well over 75k for the week and im sitting at 26k… makes no sense at all. Please respond.

It is not a display (client side) problem, it is a server side problem mostly because of your static scheduled job calculations in the database.

How can you go from 300 kills on last day (counted) to 280? To my understanding for the many times I killed someone and it didn’t even count in the honor tab, it should go higher instead of lower values.

Please acknowledge this.

Small indie company cant afford to have people work on weekends, to post here or fix anything.

“Fix” ha ha ha