Honor calculations

There is still something amiss. I pvp’d right up until 30 minutes ago, logged out and back in, and all the honor I accumulated since the earlier reset/fix is now missing with zero honor showing in today’s total. The number of HK’s I earned since the reset is off also.

Edited to add: If this is part of the “display bug” then my apologies if that is indeed the case.

Wow not one but 3 blue posts in a row

That’s like more than we’ve gotten on any issue since launch

yes some people got a miss calc from previous weeks

weekly reset… and nothing reset… nothing earned.

it’s the best

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Looks like they extended the maintenance until 9am to fix it?

Nah that’s just login/auth server stuff.

So is 4pm pacific just going to be the new reset time from here on out or is this issue still an issue?

It’s still jacked up…

perhaps their recent fix for this week messed up the ranking haha. Ranks haven’t updated on Herod either

Rank updated for me, however, definitely missing a chunk of honor from last week still.

most people got their rank already, i still havent gotten a rank update, my weekly hasnt updated, and my kills from last week are still doubled

So modest Ed.

I ranked up but it still is not working right. When I went to bed last night I looked at the honor tab. I had 1.5k Hk’s and 29k + Honor for the week. This morning I opened the honor tab and I was given credit for a little over 900 HK’s and a little over 19k honor. So where did the other 600 HK’s and 10k honor go. When I quit last night I even typed out in guild chat my HK’s and Honor for the week as I said GN to folks.

On the other hand I have a guildy that barely PVPed last week because he played an alt all week get rank 5. Have other guildy’s that did not even PVP last week get credit for HK’s and Honor. This honor system issue is getting quite discouraging.

And I highly doubt Blizzard (via Activision) will take any real effective measures to retroactively fix these bugs.

I have no peace of mind because my Rank Points still have not be awarded to me this week, even though the week is over now…


Yep, some people on my server have been adjusted rank and some have not including me. This is bad stuff, fix it Blizz.


Checking in, No rank update, still seeing yesterday/this week kills like nothing updated.

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It’s to be expected.

There may be a batch process for the updates to be propagated across the realms and players.

Some guildies have had their honor update, mine hasn’t. I’m on the west coast and playing on Earth Fury (east coast).

Honor Spy’s is fubar but eventually it will clear up.

Mine finally updated but it’s way off on the kill count.

Same, I’m about 10-14k honor below from what I had PRIOR to them recalculating last night.

Feels real bad