Holy Shi... Ret is bad

Here is my opinion of that.

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i agree

i dont like the fact that warriors have really good heals. I thought that arms is right where they should have been before 10.0.5-- very ret like-- high damage, but low survivability.

rogues heals are so so-- mostly sub with soothing, but outlaw is ultra watered down from SL and is no longer a stealth tank with very, very short cds like sl.


Rets are awful now… You do like half someone HP with your full burst now, and it’s a 2 min cd.
Divine toll and reckoning without wings do like 25% of someone’s HP and RD hits for like nothing now,

You also do way less consistent damage outside wings now, and mini wings never procs anymore.

Warriors do more damage, more healing, more burst, more molbility and have a mortal strike

Might as well just reroll DH or warrior. Class went from B+ to F tier, easily worst class in the game right now


boys i did it i done did it

commend me as the holiest most retribution paladin since turalyon and Uther HIMSELF.



I just can’t get over this line.


Deserved tbh

Blizzard are clearly just lying here. I mean bubble, plate, and heals though??? Cannot get better than that.

Some of that is meta dependent. If there is a priest or warrior in the game then bubble is one use per map, and lasts 1-3 seconds which has been this entire expansion.

Armor type is irrelevant anymore. It’s all cool down dependent. Cloth users are almost all exclusively tankier than plate wearers.

All hybrid healing has been gutted. Dampening, moral strike, and increased hp pools have made hybrid healing useless. Pure dps classes that do % based healing have been far more effective. Especially for the ones that use their damage resources for healing as well compared to dps that use their main damage to generate healing as well.

Rets also have very low mobility which makes them a good kill target. They struggle to get away from anyone caster or melee. It’s no small task surviving on a ret for more than 1.5 minutes in a shuffle on a ret. You’re basically chaining your defensive and your healers defensives until the match ends.


this is wrong in several ways


looks like big changes for ret coming up.


Im still seeing rets do 30-35k sustained dps eith 120-150k judgements crits and 70k non crit wogs…that seems more than fine to me :man_shrugging:

This on a target dummy, in pve, or against undergeared/underleveled players?
Cause that’s NOT happening in rated pvp games atm.


i’m not sure which of the nested quotes you’re replying to

to broadly elaborate: i was speaking in a pvp context only. there are 3 users of each armor type mentioned: mage priest lock, and dk pal war. mage is pretty slippery, where priest isn’t, but i think mage is almost always taking more healer-attention-requiring damage than dk or war, and there’s an argument that priest is too.

as well, it’s just incorrect to say armor is irrelevant. it makes sense to hear from a ret, but ferocious bite and mortal strike are still relevant right now, and it doesn’t seem unlikely that we might see kill command, kill shot, aimed shot/rapid fire or eviscerate get buffed back into relevance. armor blunts all of those by large amounts

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They are not rebuffing hybrid healing. This was clearly a deliberate nerf throughout SL and even DF. Dont you remember all these healers whining about hybrid healing?

Now all melee dps are going to be even more homogenized, since too much difference results in balance issues and whining from the playerbase.

2.5k arena :man_shrugging:

I said they should, not that they’re going to

Yes, and I agree they should. But they seem committed to appease the pvp crowd on various topics (rated gear, solo Q) despite what they think is best for the game.

This also means ret need MS and better defensives. Since they will lose spec identity

If they wanted to appease us they would listen to us anout dampening and how crappy hybrid healing is, there no zero reason that pure dps classes should be healing more than than hybrids

I’m hoping they make changes to the paladin tree as well

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