Holy Priest LF Heroic guild

Hey Guys,

Just came back to wow from a long break and transferred here from frostmourne.

Looking for a semi casual guild for this tier and shadowlands. I’m currently 10/12 normal and 2/12 heroic.

My past experience is AOTC for Uldir, BOD and The Eternal Palace.

i’ve got 2 characters a 445 Holy priest and severely undergeared mistweaver monk.

Message me if any guilds are interested.
Battlenet: moksha#6976

Hello Koonz,

Have you found a guild? If not you are welcome to join us in the raid we are currently 6/12H, our raid time schedules is every Thursday and Sunday 1030 - 1230pm GMT+8 (svt time)

if you would like to chat more, feel free to add me bnet @ Waleis#6211 :slight_smile:

Hey mate have you found yourself a home yet? Carpe Jugulum is looking for a priest to complete our raid team. We are 12/12H but will be moving into mythic prog as soon as we get ourselves a solid 4th healer :slight_smile:
Add me on bnet - Boss#1709