Holy Paladin spec bonuses

I think the other reason season 2 is popular is because those two spells have been crying out for some synergy with the rest of our kit rather than being a fire and forget kind of spell that goes no where. They actually felt great to press with the season 2 set and maybe, just maybe, they’ll understand we don’t want shallow abilities that just float on the surface of a spec with clear gameplay loops and mechanics.

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I also mainly do M+, and I think S3 is much better as a healing cooldown and not because of Reverberations. Currently, the way I see it, we have only two main healing CDs, Tyr/HoD and Toll/Daybreak. If you unsync Daybreak with Toll, we will lose the second (or will have to delay it).
In season 2, Prism was strong, but it wouldn’t be enough to fill the gap, like in the Archmage Sol’s firestorm in EB, especially after the healing nerfs.

When I do PVP, I can see how the S2 prism would be better than S3, but definitely not for M+.

Why not have all tier sets available from a vendor?

Just recolor a currency with a new name and have it drop from raid bosses, M+ and Vault Tokens… Could just use artifact power assets and re-name everything, super quick.

This is the laziest option by far, which is the theme from the last expansion now brought into DragonLands. Just re-releasing items and content we have all done before is simply lazy work.

Doesn’t matter what Blizzard does for Season 4 of DragonLands, it’s a dead expansion after this season…

Because that would be 117 sets in total that they would need to balanced. Unless you mean they just throw them on a vendor as-is with no expectation of the sets being rebalanced.

You won’t de-sync them, they will both be 1 minute long. You’ll take Divine Resonance over Quickened Invocation. Which will just make Divine toll a slightly stronger CD.

Good news - that boss isn’t likely to return for season 4. Also, you can very easily find boss or trash mobs that fit a healing profile that requires a sub 20 sec spot healing check or a 45 second aoe.

Finding a very specific healing mechanic that fits a 45 second CD over a 1 minute one is pretty niche though. You’re probably talking about 1 or 2 in like 8 dungeons.

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Weird. People spec Daybreak? They LIKE Glimmer? : (

I’m a melee Holydin and I use the talent that constricts Glimmer to one target as well as Holy Prism. Prism, with Beacon of Virtue, is normally a two-button press to flawlessly resituate my group’s health after a harmful AoE. It’s extremely useful to me and my playstyle (44% Crit, 57% Mas.) Voted for S2. : D

Edit: just to add-on, I basically play Resto Shaman on Holydin with only spot-healing; no mana issues ever, no hassle. Light of Dawn hasn’t been on my bars since the end of Shadowlands when I was a caster-only Holydin- worthless, useless spell.

Why does holy prism require a tier set to be relevent in the first place. 20+ second cooldown shouldnt feel worthless to spec. It should atleast generate 3 holy power baseline.


Pally is one of the healers with the most CDs out of the bunch. Rotating Tyrs/HoS, DT/Daybreak, Wings, Blessing of Spring, and AoM is how we handled most of aoe events no matter how frequent they are. And they rarely are that frequent.

On the other hand, where hpal is struggling heavily in the healing deparment its in the single target. FoL is currently our best ST healing spell, and its mediocre at best.

Holy prism is currently bugged and not working how its intended (its currently doing a lot less than it should be doing). It got buffed by the 10.2 tuning by 40% if I remember correctly, and would be on a 15-20s CD that also synergizes with the class and generate Holy power (even if spenders are really weak atm).

Holy reverberation is also inferior to extra Holy shock power, for the same reason. Holy shock and WoG were the only ST healing spells not buffed by the 10.2. tuning, and as a result, they are buttons that feel pretty unimpactful and bad to use, and they are supposed to be our main buttons. We need strong reactive spot healing, not hots, not AOE.

The only upside I see for the S3 tier set other than QoL on daybreak, is mana regen and more frequent triple Holy shocks, but we can’t really depend on that to begin with just for some decent single target.

Why does wog cost mana and holy power at the same time and still does less than flash


It generating HP would be SO cool. : (

For the same reason MW, Rdruid, Disc, Hpriest, and Rshaman have like almost twice the spot healing of Hpal, they messed up the tuning.

Buffing FoL and HL by 40% and not tuning WoG and HS properly is the reason why the S2 tier set is getting voted, because the spec currently is in need of decent frequent spot healing outside of CD windows.

If WoG and Holy shock actually moved bars, S3 would be the superior choice from a gameplay perspective, but since that is not the case with current tuning, there you have it

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You’re just out here dropping some truth bomb one liners. Those are indeed the questions.


That actually made me chuckle for a bit haha.

In a world where Holy prism/Light’s Hammer doesn’t require a tier set to be worth it and WoG actually does what its supposed to be doing, S3 set would be, hands down, the better choice. But we are not in that world sadly.

What makes you think there will be further balancing next season?

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Because they said so:

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That just says they are going to increase the power aka item level. The gear will be as strong as the others doesn’t mean they will tune or balance anything.

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No, it clearly says the power of the set bonuses.

No one would surely assume that without that sentence from Blizzard you’d be getting season 1 ilvl gear in season 4 and that sentence just means that it will be season 4 item level.

In a lot of cases, they had to nerf the previous season’s tier set so that people would play the new one. They literally have to retune the sets themselves - even if it’s minor. Anything short of retuning the sets would render this poll completely irrelevant.

This is very similar to what they did at the end of Shadowlands. Had a vendor with all the items in the prior raids with increased power but no balance changes. I’m just looking at the prior actions that were done and not trying to read into anything they are saying.

This last season is not a true tier and just recycled content that was already balanced.

While leveling and then while gearing up, it would incessantly p. me off that WoG had a mana cost attached to it. It’s beyond insane; on that note, I still get tilted when I glance at Avenging Crusader and sees it still costs HP (and MP LOOL,) so I have to go out of my way to NOT hit Judgement or Crusader Strike while ensuring I have 3 HP so I can pop it under normal circumstance.

Come to think of it, tfw I rarely ever actually hit Avenging Crusader but always always always use the Awakening Proc of it and love it. It’s tough for me to properly juggle the actual button of Avenging Crusader unless it’s a “I give up in the midst of this ‘oh crap moment’ and I need instantinstantinstant triage.”

It actually doesn’t. People feel like that because hpal was broken in season 2. Hpal got nerfed into the ground. The tier set sucks because holy power spenders are bad now, and holy power generation was a large part of the tier sets budget. Seasons 3 tier set contributes a huge amount of damage, which is much more impactful in M+, and we have more coverage through having a shorter Daybreak cooldown. It’s the best tier set we have had all expac.


You LITERALLY don’t have to take it.