Holy Paladin spec bonuses

I can literally use it every pull, sometimes twice depending on the pull size. It being available more often makes me cast it more because I’m less worried that I won’t have it when I need it, and it makes a bigger impact than season two’s lights prisim

Don’t get me wrong tho, I miss season 2 prisim also.

Give us both + a buff to holy shock!


A huge amount of damage for a spec that already underperforms in dps.

Timing a key barely depends on the healer dps anymore, and even if it literally did, Hpal would need way more (like 25-40% more honestly) than the tier set bonus currently does to make up for the missing damage in comparison to other top healer choices.

Its actually the other way around, because Hpal was nerfed unto the ground, we are in need of the S2 set bonus to actually provide decent spot healing on a short CD, since our spenders are worthless atm, and holy shocks heals for a very low amount.

A WoG is useless, but Holy prism hitting for 150k chained with a 120k WoG might actually do something to the health bars lmao

Would we also like to have S3 bonuses? Yes ofc. They are fun and good QoL, but the spec desperately needs help somewhere else due to those same nerfs


Daybreak/Toll going back to a min is gonna be painful


Good news, you still have Tyr’s, HoD, Aura Mastery, Divine toll on 45s if you want, Blessing of Spring and Wings.

It’s not the end of the world.


Voted seasons 3 it’s the best

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holy got reworked in s2 right? they were pretty op i dont know how much of that was the tier set and they got a lot of nerfs since then

It’s not, but that doesn’t make losing 15 secs off that combo suck less.


The tier set had nothing to do with how poweful was the rework.

But due to the nerfs holy shocks are currently numerically weak and the spec have mediocre spot healing. Holy prism was aour best spot healing back then but it was uneeded.

It is needed now though

I know it sucks. Wish daybreak would be 45s baseline, but honestly the spec is severly lacking in its core kit currently outside CD windows with spenders as weak as they are right now

I’m gonna say that even though I voted S2 because of the state of hpal, I wish we could have S3 as well as an option. Shame that blizzard just decided to have 1 set for balance sake for a fated season

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Based on your edit you just do no healing huh? Not a chance you can meet the HPS requirements for higher keys with that set up. We struggle to meet it even with throughput trinkets and a full hps focused setup. Blessed focus also destroys your aoe damage. It’s a terrible decision to use it except in pvp.

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After much thought and discussion, I rescind my vote for Season 2 tier and change it to season 3. With current tuning, season 2’s bonuses would do little to improve Hpal’s current state and 45 second daybreak + holy reverb is extremely good at the moment. Not to mention daybreak helping with our hideous mana regen.

Currently Holy prism is bugged, doing 25% less healing than it is currently supposed to, Righteous consecration is also bugged, hindering our already meager damage. Our spot healing is atrocious outside of daybreak. If Blizzard would rebuff holy shock and our spenders to make the extra holy power generated from prism actually useful then I can see the case for season 2’s bonuses.

OR, blizzard could just give us all 3 season tiers in the vendor and let us choose which ones we wanna use.

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This was my initial thought as well until I did the math on how many sets that would mean trying to balance.

39 specs x 3 season tiers = 117 different sets

Mixing and matching 2p/2p would be way worse. For each spec, that would be 2pS1+2pS2, 2pS1+2pS3, 2pS2+2pS3 resulting in an additional 117 combos to balance, and a grand total (adding 4pS1, 4pS2, 4pS3) of 234 different tier set bonus iterations.

If you think “normal patch” balance has ever been wonky when the full dev team is onboard, I don’t think we want to know how broken things would be (ranging from stupid OP to flatline inoperable to super-mid) with 12x the number of sets with 10.2’s class states + new gear scaling + fewer devs working on it (since most staff has now turned toward getting The War Within launch-ready.

That’s why I voted for S2 exactly. Holy prism being the focus of the set should have it fixed.

Hpal spot healing is currently one of the worst out of all healers. 45s Rising Sunlight spot healing just doesnt cut it, since WoG is barely moving health bars at the moment. Is not our on- cooldown healing where we need healing power, but our core rotation.

Losing dps? What dps? 10% of Holy reverberation? Pally is already 30% behind in dps compared to other healers. Healer dps is not a deciding factor in this season, it hasnt been for a while in fact. Pally was timing the highest keys in the world pre 10.1.5 with basically 0 dps back then.

Maybe then they will have to actually look at our dps numbers.

On the other hand, Holy shock really needs that 60% extra critical healing since 10.2 buffed every ST except holy ahock and WoG.

I do agree with mana though, but these are all things that with we are trying to band-aid fix with either S2 or S3 tier sets, but are actually issues that the spec if facing either design-wise or by numerical tuning, which is beyond frustrating

IMO voting for the set because it “fixes” our damage and mana problems is odd. Imo a tier set shouldn’t be doing that kind of heavy lifting. The base tuning of the spec should already do that. In fact, imo, you should view this question/poll as about playstyle and healing profile and almost nothing else.

Saying that we need season 3 for damage or mana clearly means there are underlying issues that Blizzard can very simply change in an instant with patch notes irrespective of what tier set we inevitably end up with.

Unless you’re sending every Holy Shock, Divine Toll and Daybreak for damage, the season 3 set in terms of overall damage isn’t massive anyway. We get so much of our damage from things like trinkets that any Holy Reverberation damage you do is pretty insignificant anyway. Not to mention Holy’s damage is laughable to begin with.

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We can arguably even say the same for S2 to make Holy prism worth it and make our spot healing profile better or to make Holy shocks impactful.

Or Hpal healing profile ‘feeling better’ due to 45s daybreak feeling better followed by more frequent Rising Sunlights, holy shocks leaving hots.

Honestly, I think both sides of the argument have valid points, but are heavily influenced by current Hpal tuning and flaws in its design.

You are 100% right about Hpal dps being dependent on trinkets and Holy reverbs not being meaningful though, and about our underlying issues.

‘Holy prism is bugged’, blizzards should fix it. ‘Mana issues’, again, something that tuning should take care of. ‘DPS’. Same thing again. ‘Spenders are weak’. Ok, you get the point by now.

Since there’s only 1 day left, it’s given that S2 bonus will be the one chosen, so its maybe its time to start giving blizzard more feedback about our current state.

Rude. I don’t go above low 20 keys, but it’s not hard to time keys in the low 20’s, nor are the HPS requirements onerous to meet.

The best dps trinkets available for Holy Paladin are not significant detriments to healing. Suncaller gives you a chunk of flat intellect, and just trades out an unreliable secondary stat proc for a huge on-demand damage buff. Likewise, Augury gives you more flat +Crit than almost any other trinket you could equip, and that’s far and away our best secondary stat. Additionally, you’re losing very little healing to spec into the talents that help with your damage, and most of the time the additional damage is going to help more than the additional (unneeded) healing.

Glimmer splits damage, and then increases 4% per target. With 8 Glimmers out (the talented maximum) you’re adding 32% to the total of the damage, plus probably another 10% from Glorious Dawn, for a total of 42% total bonus Gimmer damage, split 8 ways. That’s after you build up to 8 Glimmers, and it is significantly weaker every second you don’t have a total of 8 Glimmers up, plus if you’re doing all that as “AOE damage” all those Glimmers have to be on enemies or you’re doing some mix of damage and healing. With Blessed Focus, you’re getting a 40% buff instantly, constantly, all the time, plus 10% from Glorious Dawn for a total of 50% (I’m not sure if Glimmer continues to get the additional +4% bonus just from being up, for a total of 54%, but it doesn’t even matter).

Needless to say, 50% is higher than 42%, and the 50% bonus is up constantly, requiring zero effort or planning or time in order to maintain a rolling 8 Glimmers on various targets. Therefore, while you can make arguments regarding the utility of a single Glimmer vs 8 Glimmers, and real-world scenarios which would make 8 Glimmers more useful, the argument that “8 Glimmers do more AOE damage” is hollow. The AOE splits the damage you get from the Glimmer, and it splits an objectively smaller amount than if you had taken Blessed Focus. It’s just math. You do more overall damage hitting a single enemy with a single Blessed Focus-empowered Glimmer than you do hitting 8 enemies every time with 8 Illumination-empowered Glimmers (and you will not hit 8 enemies every time). If you don’t have to worry about keeping your allies up, Blessed Focus is definitely preferable to Illumination, since the real bonus you get from Illumination is being able to do a little bit of damage while keeping Glimmer’s damage reduction and overheal shield bonus up on allies.

Ahhhh so people like you are why we have no purge protection now and I can’t get a Bop to stick? Thanks for that. /spit

Lol what? What does what Azryel said have anything do to with purge protection? They voted for season 2 and so Blizzard makes BoP purgeable?

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Season 3’s 2set has 6stacks of a magic buff. Extra magic buffs are purge protection.