[H/N-RP Campaign] Twilight Genesis, July 15th-22nd

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With the eyes of Azeroth cast toward the Dragon Isles, Twilight’s Hammer has once again resurfaced. Sightings of twilight drakes have again been reported by both Highbank and Dragonmaw Port, while claims have been made that some have already slain a select few of the beasts. But these were not old, wily creatures who somehow had remained unseen for a dozen years. These were adolescents. A whole new brood of Twilight Drakes have been born. Goriona, the twilight drake who once served as the mount of Warmaster Blackthorn, after abandoning her master to his fate, had left a clutch of eggs hidden deep inside a cavern in the Twilight Highlands before going into hiding herself.

The Coalition of the Horde presents: Twilight Genesis!

When: July 15th-22nd
Where: The Twilight Highlands
Who: Horde and Neutral Factions

For phasing, we ask that everyone complete the Twilight Highlands questline!


Three months to do the Twilight Highlands quests? Easy. I’ll still leave it to the night before though I’m sure :sweat_smile:



Every week we will provide for you more and more information about the allies, enemies, and story of Twilight Genesis! We invite you to come back and check every week for more details and to ask any questions that you may have!


Allies for Twilight Genesis!


Nails bit into the soft dirt, strong fingers digging furrows in the soil, as the scarred hand felt the turmoil within the land. The orcish woman was crouched, her head cocked to the side as if listening to something. To others they were just the sounds of nature, but to her each of the elements had their own song, their own speech. And it was to them that she, Duzharac Drake-Mender, shaman of the Nelghor-shomash, heeded.

There was a change in the air, in the earth, and it disturbed her. She could feel the cries for help that had gone unvoiced, and it was her duty to see that whatever had caused this disturbance was confronted and destroyed. Or she would die trying. She pressed her palm against the ground. ”Bin mog g’thazag cha,” she spoke softly in her gravelly voice as she stood and pulled her wolf’s pelt cloak around her shoulders. It was time for her to seek out new allies.

”Bin mog g’thazag cha.” I will protect you.

Stay tuned for more stories and information for the upcoming Twilight Genesis Campaign, presented by the Coalition of the Horde! As always, feel free to ask questions!

Hello! Just a small preview of one way we’re trying to shake-up how d20 events are done. For Twilight Genesis, players will be able to choose to opt-into a more challenging system to add more interesting elements to their play and recovery. There are three facets to this system, and players can pick any number of them to add to their play if they choose.

Heroic Events are missions of a dire nature. For these events, the DM will throw higher difficulty checks and heavier damage at players, creating a full-range of mechanics designed to not only make OCs feel like they are in dire straits, but also reward opportunities for heroic actions, and encourage cooperation to ensure every character leaves the event in one piece.

Limited Healing between missions. Unlike previously, players who pick this option do not full heal at the start of everyday. They will get a 1d3 dice roll to heal with rest, and an additional +3 HP if they were seen to by a medic.

Exhaustion. At the start of normal mission day, the player can roll to see how much sleep their character got. Not being well rested enough will give the character a debuff which can compound with multiple days of poor rest.

A full document will be posted soon in the Coalition of the Horde discord!


Oooo this will be exciting! Count me in!