[H][Mal'Ganis] <Creeping Doom> Th 20:00-23:00 EST 10/10H 4/10 M - LF 2RDPS & 1Healer

Creeping Doom US-HORDE | MAL’GANIS | 10/10H 4/10 M

Who we are:

Creeping Doom is a community of veteran raiders who, due to family and work commitments, have embraced a casual raiding schedule. Many of our members come from Top 50 US guilds and although our schedule is now casual, we still take on the hardest challenges the game has to offer with a hardcore mindset. If you are a talented player who would prefer to raid once a week, consider joining us.

Guild Focus:

  • Achieve Cutting Edge while raiding 2 days a week.
  • Build a competitive Mythic+ (1k+ IO), PvP (multi-hero lead RBGs), and social community.
  • Facilitate optional Heroic raids for friends and alts.

Current Guild needs:

  • Mythic Raid: Exceptional Tank, MDPS, RDPS, or healer
  • Mythic+: All applicants that are focused on maintaining a mythic+ team.
  • Other: Any members that would like to join our community.
  • RBGs: Any applicants who want to push rating competitively.

Raid Schedule:

Mythic raid schedule: Note - We will be changing our raid schedule in 2 weeks.

  • Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 EST
  • Effective Apr 20, 2021: Tues/Thurs 20:30-23:30 EST

Contact Info: For applicants and/or any former members

  • Discord URL: Discord.gg/YdjxfWU
  • BNet: EZGoregutz#1890, Bigtree#11854, or Wufflegupp#1451

You can also contact me regarding Creeping Doom.



10 characters for a bump?


so nice to see a Wildhammer Guild up and running xD

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New phone, who dis?

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used to play a warrior like 10+ years ago on wildhammer when i was a huge noob back then saw u guys always killing it. Recognized the guild name and yours.

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Would love to talk more about this. Friend requested you - Spurlock#1835.

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Bump for a wizard?

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Something something something MAGE GIVE ME A MAGE.

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when i heard they returned i couldnt belive it…but they are!

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Can I create a character named Goosstomps or Goosetippytoes?

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Hello would like to join guild my main is SP ilvl 181 lf raids/mythic and like to get into BG’s eventually

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Let’s kill vampires boys & girls.

Bumping this post

Let’s bump.

Can I get a Bump for the road?

Let’s go boys.

ZUG ZUG. Something need doing?

Zo Zo Juice pooo?

WTB good healers plz

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