(H)(Illidan)(Sellouts)EST LFM 10/10M

Sellouts on Illidan horde side 10/10M.

We are a close knit community looking to add a few key players to continue to take the guild to Cutting edge and beyond. 8.3 progression was 12/12M. Our goal will remain getting CE each tier going forward, we hope to continue to be more competitive in our US and world rankings and hope you might look to us as your future home.

Our Schedule is shifting slightly with the next tier. We will raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30-11:30pm realm time (8:30-12:30 EST) with optional night on Thursday. We also have a very consistent M+ community with multiple 15+ keys happening just about daily (lower keys as well).

Current needs are dps. High priority boomkin, shaman, hunter, mage . As always we are willing to bring in and trial any dps with a history of raiding proficiency. We hold our raiders to a high standard without being toxic or ‚Äútry hard‚ÄĚ like many other guilds out there. We do our best to follow our motto of ‚Äúbring the player not the class‚ÄĚ so we are always looking for exceptional players of all roles. While following this motto we also understand that some encounters require different set ups and we ask that our raiders be flexible.

https://bit.ly/2MgFNb6 is the link to our application.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you would like to chat or looking for more info please feel free to reach out. Necropoles#1464 bnet or cubfucious#8979 discord both go to my phone and will be answered as soon as i recieve the notification.

quick bump

shadowlands hype

as we shift to our farm/planning for shadowlands schedule we will continue to take applications and trial exceptional dps candidates.

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End of the week, do you have your beta access?

Closing in on the end.

Shadow Lands Hype

forms.gle/ayKZ6PjmxeFn1JXC9 app

High need for spriest/resto shaman/warrior for Shadow lands.

Update: TLDR, updated schedule, now 3 nights instead of 2 going into shadow lands. Also HIGH priority recruiting shadow priest, disc priest, resto shaman.

Also, we have a guild on beta both torghast as well as the maw. for testing. feel free to reach out for invite there

disc, shadow, rsham

With the release of launch date we will shift recruiting strictly for SL

Recruiting for SL

Priority recruiting, priest/mage/warrior/hunter/shaman

Pre patch and launch soon, time is running out

Are you recruiting a rogue? Here’s my forum post, add me if interested in talking! Btag: Sacredtenshi#11826 Thank you for your time, and consideration. Rogue CE Player LF CE Guild for SL

Its not likely i will respond to posts here. please add me via discord or use the link for our app, thanks

shadow lands lets get it