(H)(Illidan)(Sellouts)EST LFM 10/10M

Still potential spots as we move into prepatch

any bumpers in the chat?

bump all the way

does pineapple belong on pizza?

Waiter walks up with a well done steak, what is your response?

There is definitely a right and wrong answer here.

I feel like people here are not steak fans.

First day of fall y’all

I got nothing, just take a look

Might be a fun time

still no pre patch

generic bump post

Trial spots open now that SL has been delayed

if only you had a guild to ride out prepatch… oh wait

Prepatch is upon us, if you are looking for a home for shadowlads look no further.

As we navigate through pre patch we will continue to update our priority recruiting lists.

What better place to spend pre patch?

we have an official launch date!

Disc priest is the worst healer

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