High Elves for TBC?

For Shadowlands, they’re kinda giving high elves to the Alliance:

Since many players are very concerned about TBC faction imbalance due to people flooding to Belves, should we consider adding High Elves to the Alliance for TBC and allow them to have equivalent racials as Belves?


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Or just give alliance paladins seal of blood to match the horde paladins seals.


Beyond the paladin seals for blood elves, I think many players like the look of blood elves, so perhaps a variant on the Alliance would help solve population concerns.

Aside from the whole #NoChanges bit due to the fact that people ask for these old game expansions for the systems they incorporated, however poorly, lore wise, Blood Elves aka High Elves joined the Horde because they felt snubbed by Alliance races following the events that wrecked Quel’Thalas. If that changed in the future, well, it’s in the future. If you want the future experience, just play the retail version.


No changes.


I’m just spitballing another idea to help address the very real population concerns that TBC will be bringing. This may just do it but it is a somewhat radical idea.

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This thread is typically why the #NoChange exist.

#NoChange may sound stupid but because everyone want to bring silly change like this the NoChange is somehow the best choice Blizzard can make.


Switch Dreneai and blood elves.

Fite me


meh. go for it.


Yeah, aside from that, you could also just make faction and race independent. I don’t think that would resolve the whole Blue vs Red though…

Honestly, with all the weird bugs and balance issues that came with Classic WOW, if Blizzard isn’t changing anything here, I highly highly doubt they’ll touch TBC either.

Sure. Horde doesn’t want Draenai. Why not just give Alliance Belves, too. There you go.

I think this is exactly the same as the classic + threads. What we need is a survey to find out if more people want classic + or high elves in BC. Knowing how many players are delusional and which delusion is most popular might be useful.

Good job, Blizzard. Basically, in all but name, the Alliance finally gets HE.

I’m all for changes that make the game better. This is not one of them. This has got to be the worst idea I’ve ever seen on these forums. Let’s just say screw it and destroy all lore to make Alliance feel better about their inferiority complex.

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No. I don’t see why they feel the need to add a new race/class and add classes to each race every expansion. It just adds balance bloat.

im more concerned about how they handle the faction balancing
they wont do anything, im sure, but i’d like to hope they might

I like how you posted that on a blood elf toon.

The issue with TBC is that people like you will flood to that race and destroy faction balance.


There is no justification for destroying lore. I posted this on a blood elf toon because this is my main and it’s the only toon I post on too. I played Horde before BC dropped and that wont change when classic TBC drops. Sounds like people are less attached to their faction than they are with a single race.

But it’s clear that nothing will change anyway. There is hardly even a faction balance issue right now if you ignore PvP. Alliance overwhelmingly prefer to be on PvE servers.

Actually, the pixels were made part of the horde because there was a huge population disparity at the time and blizzard thought they would “even things out” only to find out they changed things to the point that the population swung out of wack almost irreversibly.