High Elf Allied Race Megathread (Continuation)

I disagree with pretty much all of the strawman arguments you just made…
But I also wont argue for such things as blue eyes for blood elves

Yes, so much bias they are hostile to the Horde.


yes and to act on it would get them kicked out of the kirin tor

Not saying you did but

This is not the only example.

And people saying the Silver Covenant is Neutral is quite normal. They aren’t by the way.


they are not neutral in attitudes.
They are bound so by alliances.
They would have to break those ties to act on how they feel

So I’ve heard. When I went digging about if this was allowed, the only thing I found on it was an old blue post saying it was a bug and not to do it. So when my sub runs out, I won’t be posting.


you just need a level 20 character to post on the forums.

People to this day still post without a sub. I guess they just gave up on the idea on the sub requirement.


correct when silver covenant NPCs are present, it is almost always in the context of dalaran

the silver covenant is a dalaran based paramilitary force. it is technically neutral, even if the membership has alliance sympathies

those sc elves who wish to serve the alliance must do so wearing a different uniform, that of the 7th legion as demonstrated by 2(4 tbf) of the only alliance high elves to appear in BFA. because wearing a SC uniform would break the neutrality of the kirin tor

There are other cases besides that when discussing feedback and the like. Notice I was not listing specific events past the Ion quote.

And it also throws the idea that a Fair Skinned Playable Elf on the Alliance is not possible out the window and in the dumpster.

Ion’s closing thought was anything is possible in the future.

We where told that Flesh Tones are possible on Void Elves and not to give up hope when giving feedback.

They mentioned different groups besides the ones we got like Wildhammer Dwarves are possible.

We where asked many times for what Allied Races we would like.

It’s as possible as ever if not more so.

Almost. :wink:

They are a form of High Elf but not the type we are requesting in this thread.


Example of what pray tell?
You quoted me and now I am here. Is it going to be something silly? Probably.

As long as they don’t upstage Dalaran, they can do as they please.
Kirin Tor has no power outside Dalaran.


they can do as they please but they dont have to be accepted back

So I guess the Sunreavers will be kicked out again after 8.2, since they helped the Horde?


any direct acts against the alliance?

TBH, if the Kirin Tor wants to remain Neutral and cut down on a lot of interfaction issues, they should kick both groups out.


im just waiting for markwachassa to explain why she/he/attack helicopter is using me as an example.
I will be amused for sure.

They help guard Baine in 8.2.


My theory is that they allow unsubbed people to post in some sections, but not others (which makes sense) and on the old forums it was in order, but with the new ones something got messed up. No evidence or anything really, other than the obvious stuff, but thats my theory.


You’re transmog changed drastically, i thought you were a different person for a sec