Hi! Returning roleplayer here!

Hello hello there! After about two years of technically being away from the RP community, I have returned-- and I’m looking to tango and rp again.

Long story short, I’m trying to feel out the server again, figure out where the most active Horde (since most if not all my charas are Horde) areas are, and what guilds to possibly look at joining or interacting with.

To preface, I will be bringing back my main (this toon), Anthiele Firereaver, back as my reintroduction to the server. She’s a Sin’dorei Magistrix and engineer. Her roots are within a Horde military band (find out IC) and the Sunreavers mostly-- with her being dutiful to the Horde and Quel’thalas.

Anyways, thank you for whatever advice/knowledge/whatever you can offer! :> Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever, all of you.


Welcome back!

I’d suggest you check out the info / guild directory if you haven’t yet.

Guild wise, you might be interested in The Sunreavers.

There are some regular events that go on, these are ones that I recommend attending.

They’re Tauren themed events but plenty of other races attend them as well!


Welcome back! Both factions are kind of dealing with the end of the expansion lull, but there’s still plenty going on. Hope you enjoy your time back!

Soup night is a soup themed event.

Welcome back to the game. Come have soup next Wednesday.


I’ve been the same way here! Welcome back! If you’re looking for walk-up style roleplay, depending on your interests - The Horde Valley of Strength is really strong on walkups and people! During the day Silvermoon is pretty okay too! Really you just gotta look around! When it comes to guilds I’d say your character would most likely be well-liked in the Sunreavers like previously mentioned or perhaps one of the many Belf-Only military guilds, but if you prefer more open guilds. [Personally I like both!] then Merc/Shipping Company/Military Guilds could benefit!

Ahhh-- yeah yeah! Thankee, thankee!! I’ve definitely been trying my hand again at walk-ups, but I do want to find a guild to settle with though. I imagine Anthiele to be -trying- to somewhat settle down and relax after having fought in the war, so, I think maybe a Merchant/Shipping company could be cool for her-- or just something to give her some time to chill after service (until Shadowlands and the Scourge hit of course.)

I’ll definitely be looking and what have you. (Also, yes, worry not, I shall come for soup.)

Welcome back! May you find lots of great adventures here.

I… just can’t.

Ahhh, thankee again-- and I mean, I dunno, soup night sounds like wholesome fun.