Hi, I started playing classic WoW a few weeks ago

I’m having a pretty good time, thanks, Blizzard.


I hope for your sake the good times last.

For a lot of others unfortunately, the good times have passed.

Enjoy the game, take care!

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If you’ve only been leveling and not worrying about min/maxing or PvP, then you’re definitely going to have a ball.


Classic is great. Feels like home.

Not getting evicted and your house burned down every couple of years.


seems like you’re speedleveling, 49 in just few weeks for first character

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They will still release TBC eventually. It just fixes way too many classic issues without starting to change game itself like WOTLK did

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Not all of us. Good times are still happening.

Best of luck, OP, follow your own path!



I only see that happening when they are done with Classic and I think it would be very senseless to update Classic to BC, basically repeating the expansion process.

TBC players can get their own servers. I could care less.

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TBC can’t be a fresh start, they either should upgrade classic or allow to copy characters.

Actually, BC Servers can be a fresh start. I know and understand people think they should start at 60 and begin playing in Outlands, right away, but that’s not what makes BC well BC.

Before people get cranky and scream at me with the whole “BUT MUH PROGRESS!”, hear me out. Part of BC is the introduction of the Belf and Draenei races and allowing Alliance to be Shamans, and Horde to be Paladins. These are pre-60 content exclusive to BC. Anyway, there are so many options to handle the subject:

  1. No BC servers, at all.
  2. Fresh BC servers, no character copies.
  3. Release BC servers with a character copy option from Classic to BC.
  4. Copy the Classic server over to the new server host and progress what was Classic to BC.

Just saying, BC can absolutely be a fresh server, it’s not impossible to do. Probably easier to do than to cater to the copying of things. I get it, it’s not the preferred option, but it most definitely is an option and highly probable.


Yes it is. That’s how it was. Massive lags killing servers and disconnecting armies of people who trying to get pass through portal. That’s what makes launches fun.

OK, tell me where in Classic I can make a Blood Elf or a Draenei? How can I access their landscapes? I’ll wait.

Enjoy the 24 hours queue time for AV

Opening TBC portal must be opening TBC portal. Those who wants to start BELf alts are free to do so.

My point is, BC is not all about Outlands. There are pre-60 content/features exclusive to BC, that you won’t find in Classic. As I’ve already mentioned Blood Elves and Draenei. Let’s not forget about Guild Banks. Don’t need to be level 60, in Outalnds, for that.

Welcome and I’m glad you are enjoying myself. I never played Classic before and I’ve enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. It’s not perfect. Nothing is, but I’m having fun too.


Neat idea to make TBC as fresh servers, makes sense.

  • Increases the lifespan of TBC in a time when people rush through content
  • Lets people make Draenei Shamans/BE Paladins without fear of missing the initial TBC hype boat
  • Wouldn’t annihilate the populations of Classic servers

I see allowing character copies from Classic to TBC. But as someone who wants to be a Blood Elf Paladin I like fresh TBC.



It’s a lot of fun.

To maximize your enjoyment, stay away from the Classic forums. We’re terrible people.


TBC has to be a fresh start. Other wise soon more vanilla private servers will pop up again and Blizzard will be in the same hole they had before Classic, and people will once again petition for Classic servers from Blizzard.

The ability to copy characters from Classic to TBC Classic, while keeping Classic as is, would be the best option for the community.