Hey since Dark Ranger appearances became a thing, can we get the Gil-Goblins from Nasty-Tar as options also?

Doesn’t have to be an Allied Race. Just a skin appearance like the Dark Rangers can be done in the Barber Shop. Goblins are already green, so really just adding in the Gil Goblin features would be pretty sweet. Just putting that out there.


YES please!!! :laughing:


They should just unload a whole bunch of “not quite an allied race” customizations.

Gilgoblins and Taunka are the most immediate that come to mind. Maybe some Forest trolls too.


It’s not a request for elves so it will probably fall on deaf ears


At this point just say screw it, and let it happen as well as let every single armor type be available for transmog use with the exceptions to class specific armor.

Edit: Would like to see Forest Troll skin be available too.


Yaungol would be cool, though that might actually be better as a fully fleshed out/featured allied race at least.

Giant, angry, Mongol Horde type Yak warrior armed with fire bombs and other oil based weaponry? Sounds cool to me.


Hey, if Lightforged Draenei and Highmountain Tauren (to name two examples) can be distinct races, I think Gilgoblins and Taunka (or even Yaungol) could be as well!

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True, also they’d have to explain why they’re joining anyone to begin with. The Taunka officially joined the Horde all the way back in WotLK but as far as I’m aware the Yaungol don’t like anyone lol

They could, but like… should they be?

I’m still fairly convinced those two examples could just be skins too. Maybe they should institute a “sub-race” mechanic that can bundle up the Wildhammers too.


They could, but I guess it boils down to a choice between more racial bonuses, or simply more customization (which is available either way, but bundling it into an existing race means not having to create new characters).

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I think all related types like this should be unlocked for player use on base races, along with say choosing the racials that would reflect the sub races/customizations.

I made a thread with that racials being a pseudo talents here;

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True… I was going to say that forest trolls also hate everyone, but there is a small smattering of those still loyal to the Horde in the Hinterlands.

That said, with so many allied races being, at least physically and aesthetically little more than pallet swaps of other races, this method might just be the best way forward in most cases.


Honestly in some cases if not most, it is not enough.

It makes little sense on why, say for wildhammer dwarves not use their stormhammers or gryphons in place of racials or if, we go by this thread for gil goblins, that gil gobs cannot have traits suited for living in the sea. In fact i think gil gobs don’t have the same greed normal gobs has.

Yeah you’re 100% spot on, but I’d hope that if Blizz ever decides to go nuts with it adding extra “skins” be a use let’s be honest; that’s really all they are, I hope that Blizz just straight up says these are not lore accurate at all, and is simply being done for player enjoyment.

I mean it’s not like the Eredar would ever join the Alliance, but I could see the Dranei players wanting to make one; especially when the Dranei get access to the Warlock Class. I’d bet there would be players drooling over the chance to make a Eredar Warlock.

Just like Gil-Goblins, Taunka; heck you could even have a Vrykrul skin for Humans, High Elves for the Alliance (so they’d finally shut up about ;-), jK love you, Alliance!), Wildhammer Dwarves, etc etc.

Not that I’d ever want to encourage Blizzard to put them in the Store, but I’d bet they would be more motivated to take the time to do these “Skins” if they made some extra $$$ off of them.

Only if Vulpera are the ones that can become the gilgoblins

You hear this in Jeff Goldbloom’s voice

Wait, what? That makes no sense. Just put down whatever you’re smoking and slowly back away from it, bro.

You’re in a safe space. Kiera Knightley is here, looking amazing, and is telling you that you’re going to be ok! Look! There’s Jack Black! He’s going to sing us a song!

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On… long elfy ears? :eyes:

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Nah, Gilgoblin vulpera or nothing lol

Gilgoblins, Taunka, Yaungol, Fel Orcs, Eredar, Forest/Frost Trolls, Frost/Earthen/Iron Dwarves, and Dragonmaw Orcs would all be really cool customization options. I’m all for it.

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Aw, c’mon. Gilgoblin + Vulpera = Vaporeon, and you can bet your bottom dollar that’d be the race that finally dethrones Elves.

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Vulpera won’t dethrone anyone.

They are not even worthy to dethrone gnomes…