Heroic Magisters Terrace has no Daily Lockout

If blizzard bans gold buyers, they would lose half their playerbase


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Thank you :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, we have to wait till Thursday, for reasons.

“Oh no…they dont get to spam run the dungeon for a few hours.”

Nasty little forum, they are fixing it.
No wonder they don’t reply here: like dogs gnawing on a bone.


I see was have some snitches in chat.

/cracks knuckles.

Feelsbadman when they hot-fix a PvE bug after like 10 minutes when people start reporting but PvP screw ups from an announcement last week still haven’t even been acknowledged

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Just waiting for the “omg i got banned i had no idea” blah blah blah posts in the next 48 hours.


No that’s just what they tell you lmao. There are old 70 twinks till this day that got gladiator on lvl 70 twinks and blizzard said they ban/suspended them but thats what they tell people like you so you stop raging in fourms. The amount of bugs I’ve found and used and never once been ban dosen’t even surprise me anymore

Highly doubt it will happen.

Confirmed it is fixed now

lol you better be patient

it’s super funny, this is exactly what happened in original tbc at MGT first day, if anyone was here & remember that xD

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yes because they didn’t ban anybody who did the gold exploit when the ogrilla? dailies came out…oh wait they did.

Highly doubt it will happen.

and that’s what a lot of people said about the last bug/exploit. and blizzard banned them.

Its super random … like the entire guilds that caught a 1 week ban back in AQ for no reason … or people that got rolled back when they visited Isle of Q back in tier 4. Bliz does take action … but its like they roll a D20 first to see if they give enough f**** for any given issue.

thats because normal doesn’t have a lockout?

100% I hear about people catching bans all the time for a variety of things…and I also know people are getting away with a ton at the same time.

Their justice is very uneven

Breaking news: Guilds disbanding over having half their raid teams being banned for first sunwell lockout.


exalted and got my bis caster neck already spamming normals! wheeee… who cares about a mount or a trinket FTW!!!