Heroic Magisters Terrace has no Daily Lockout

You were the guy that told the teacher they forgot to collect the homework, weren’t you?

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idk man kinda dumb you can just go in and farm EVERYTHING day 1 and never go back…come on Blizz

when?? people farming this ALL DAY already

Looks like the hotfix is in place

doesnt matter…whats done is done unless they retro active all these nerds that farmed it for the first 2 hours

Just like they didnt ban alot of people exploiting the orgrila potions… oh wait


wow, yay, they farmed their catch up gear…woohoo :roll_eyes:

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people made tens of thousands of gold abusing that ogrila bug, this is just badges and gear.
you can farm that in many other heroics there is 1 item that is interesting in that whole heroic dungeon lol normal has better drops overall and you can spam it !

they shouldve let it like that as a catchup mechanic, they shouildve removed heroic lockouts for all of tbc at this point

You are delusional. The trinkets there are actually bis for some raiders and this destroys the sunwell race for european and asia guilds due to them not having the opportunity to spam farm them to just get their bis for it.

I personally do not care about that race but that is just one thing out of probably many for why people should get supended for it. Do people really think it’s fine to spam a heroic dungeon? They know better and they should get punished.


the bis trinkets drop in heroic yes, other than that everything in heroic is worthless, normal has better drops,
who cares about a race to clear 15 years old content for “the first time”

gatekeeping gear while in the waiting room for WOTLk is dumb AF at this point

they’ve done enough gatekeeping in this expansion already!

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Hopefully you and all the other exploiters eat a ban and miss your first sunwell. :clown_face:


We all expect bugs and stuff, but oh my god… your entire crew is just…
Can’t wait to see people with exalted necks on day 2, no rollbacks or suspensions, because y’all were too lazy to hold the release of this phase. Really pathetic experience on TBC so far, blizz. Even apex legends has less bugs.

As amusing as this would be, I doubt it will happen …

Last Gold Buying Banwave they did magicly lets up right before Sunwell Opens

You could do this spamming normal… and still can

Thanks a lot Andycloud

God i hope so, f’ that instance, i wouldnt mind a legitimate reason to skip that first week lol

it will be funny tho, cause both the guilds main tanks and raid lead were spamming together. If we get vacation the whole group will get it too lol

I know, I just wanted to join the hate band wagon on blizz. Still a bit miffed how fast sunwell came.

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Damn near 20 years to correct their game scripts and they still can’t get it right.
Not our fault I guess right? XD
I see the worst thing they do is remove peoples items or reputation and just have a full reset on Thursday when SWP drops? Who knows, who cares, it’s just a game.

Everyone did it, so its okay? You better ban and take items away from these cheaters

That feeling when you run your first H MGT and the mount drops off Kael… and you win the roll.


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