Heroic Magisters Terrace has no Daily Lockout

And all loot taken away.


enable earthfury free transfer :frowning: 300 pop server

Ok so you can farm the rep regardless on normal or heroic. You throw in an extra few runs and you’re still exalted on day 1.

Super relevant to the topic. Thanks for adding that crucial information!


Case and point

Snitches get…

to laugh @ banned people


“they’re not going to suspend people.”
They had no trouble mass suspending people that clicked the broken ogrila forges.

“blizzard can’t suspend of ban thousands.”
-They absolutely can, and don’t put my name on someone else’s quote.


I remembered, i also won 20 dollarydoo’s for correctly betting it would be bugged again.

You do realize it’s like 4 runs… It’s not like they were able to run it 20 times. Each run takes about 30 mins on average. Blizz won’t suspend for something so tiny.

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You’re comparing something vastly more of a problem that affects economy.


blizzard can’t suspend of ban thousands.

Yes, they will suspend all the cheaters.

i truly doubt that blizzard will ban anyone, they never did ban abusers on massive scale in any game they own, i’ve seen worse abuses in D3, old retail expansions and nothing ever happened.

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And very very recently, the Ogri’la exploiters too.

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No one is getting banned. They wont even reverse anything.


They will.

I, for one, am absolutely shocked that Blizzard would roll out a patch that wasn’t 100% ready.