Heroic dungeons need lower ilvl requirement to be successful

Because nobody, I mean NOBODY wants to farm Normals to do Heroics

And if you’re doing World Content to get ilvl for Heroic, you probably wont need Heroics anymore anyway

The fact you need to be 372 to enter a Heroic is a joke. I healed a +2 at 370 because I couldn’t queue for a Heroic dungeon lol. Something seriously wrong with that.

Normal dungeons should be the leveling dungeons, for people below 70
For Heroics, let level 70s in

Want to know why Timewalking is a success? Because you can enter them as long as you level 70 because the ilvl requirement is like 180 or something. They give same ilvl as a Heroic Dragonflight dungeon without the ilvl gatekeeping

When people are just skipping “Heroic” for M0 or M+ because we don’t have the ilvl for a Heroic, and you have to add quests like the currently weekly for a 415 just to get people to even do a Heroic, something is seriously broken.


Beause it’s good for leveling, drops a mount and has a quest for raid gear. Is there any other reason for people to do it?

You said it yourself, if you do world content you’ll outgear heroics, and timwalking which will be far more efficient.


I approve of this for the increased satchel ques that would come from more dps running it.


You can farm rares, buy crafted at that level. i get tons of greens at 376 killing rares for flightstones/ mounts/pets in ZC Heroic is fine as is.

EZ PZ, if you do content, you’ll get stuff.


Who’s doing this?



Right… but my whole point is nobody is doing Heroics anymore

Either they have to do all this other stuff for gear to get into Heroics, by then don’t need Heroics anyway

Remember when Heroics USED to be for gear/the stepping stone to get you into content? Now you can just skip/ignore Heroics entirely and just go into a +2. That’s why they are very low in activity lately and needed a quest that gives a 415 for doing 5 Heroics just to get anyone to bother doing them

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Blame the casuals they wanted all these different ways to gear, its abound to leave some content kinda drier than others.

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Heroic dungeons are useless and need to be removed from the game. M0 just needs to be que able and we can start to rein in some of terrible ilvl bloat.


How would that fix anything if they put an absurd ilvl requirement on the queue? Call it Heroic, Call it Mythic 0 - if the ilvl to enter is so high people just do other content then don’t need it, why does it exist at all?

If anything, remove Mythic 0’s from the game, and just make the “Heroic” ilvl = to M0 ilvl. Nobody runs M0’s anymore either. They were only used the 1st 2 weeks of the expansion, and only if it’s Mythic dungeon week for a Heroic raid loot.

The issue is the queue to get gear, requires a much higher ilvl then a freshly leveled character, that people just skip it entirely.

Isn’t that just putting M0 in place of Heroics if we make them queable? Theres a difficulty jump between heroic and M0. It would need to be softened which makes the entire thing pointless.

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Buy the green crafted 379 gear off AH, maybe? Most of them are not more than 1k gold each.

So much plate, i barely get like 50g for mine

Again, I know about this. But by that point, I am not going to do Heroic dungeons. I will just buy gear and go straight into M+

Again, with the high ilvl for Heroics, by time you get the ilvl to queue them, you’re able to just skip them. That’s the point of my post here.

Just form your own m0 groups.

Another non-reader here. I of course could do that, but nobody does M0’s anymore so I just make my own +2 runs instead. BUT my point is why are Heroics having such a high ilvl requirement to queue that they are basically useless to everyone because you either don’t have gear to do them, or out gear them

I literally just formed 3 M0s back to back. Finding replacements for the people who left took no more than 2-5 mins in between and getting the group together took maybe 10 mins to find a healer

I’ve made groups, waited 10-15 mins and got maybe 1-2 DPS but not tanks so I gave up. So I just grabbed a keystone from the NPC and did +2 instead

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People actually do run M0s still - they are a great way to gear Alts for a new season who haven’t played in awhile. Heroics are absolutely useless. I never even did them. I qued for M0 in questing gear and did just fine.

It helps solve the ilvl bloat by literally removing a whole tier - so mythic ilvl drops to heroic. They advance a whole tier slower just by doing that.

I also think LFR should be removed and just allow normal to be que able or done by guilds as well. It’s a useless difficulty that just adds 24 ilvls of extra bloat and sucks Dev time when you can accommodate LFR players in normal

Perhaps the solution to your problem is simply removing the ilvl requirements for queuing. They could require something else instead like a revamped proving grounds achievement

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Have you seen how LFR players play?

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Yes - boss kills shouldn’t be guaranteed. They can also add determination for pug groups on normal.

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