Heroic dungeons need lower ilvl requirement to be successful

I’m not talking guaranteed boss kills though, I’m talking not doing mechanics.

Right, so why should they be able to kill the boss at all if they don’t engage with the fight?
Maybe you don’t realize but you’re actually helping my argument

as I stated at start of expansion, heroic 5mans don’t feel to have any purpose right now. With M+ scaling infinitely and there being an M-, do we really need a normal difficulty with20% more hp ?

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You lost me here. Isn’t this about removing LFR and having LFR players do Normals even though most of them has made it a habit to afk during fights?

Right and they will be removed from the group if they AFK which they should be and auto replaced since we have it que able

The real question, do we need to require 372ilvl to get 385 ilvl drops?

Like realistically, a Heroic dungeon should require like 350ilvl max

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i dont think there should be any il req’s for 5mans pre-mythic tbh.

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So what you do is go into pre-made, get a group together, and manually walk into the dungeon whilst it being set to Heroic.

The only thing that requires and ilvl to enter, is the instant port via LFD tool. Which can be bypassed by ^^^^

You realize that LFR was implemented as a way for non-raiders to see the raid? Maybe they should do something about the loot rather than removing LFR and excluding a whole chunk of the playerbase like you’re suggesting.

Yes but at that point if I am going to get to the dungeon, I wont even bother with a Heroic. Heroic is the convenience of a queue. If I have to walk there, I am just gonna run +2’s lol

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Lol then do that

Heroic dungeons, regular dungeons, mythic dungeons, normal raids, lfr, and heroic raids need m+ to be removed to be relevant.

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1500 attempts since Rarity started to track it… That mount doesn’t drop for me :frowning:

I didnt really farm timewalking but when i got a new computer i lost my rarity stats from all the dungeons and raids I ran :frowning:

Not for nothing that wouldn’t be a terrible idea. However, inbetween goblin kills i been queuing for dps inbetween for timewalking and rares. I had one that was 359. I bought some ah junk and did that. It was t long before i could queue heroics.

If anythjng mythic 0 should be added to the group finder and taken off a weekly timer at this point IMO.

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There’s a weekly that gives a 415 piece so they’re still worth doing.

Timewalking dungeons also offer a currency that you can turn in for bonus rewards.

Regular dungeons do not have a vendor with rewards like these!

i mean dropping heroics to 365 wouldn’t hurt anything. my only argument is the heroic loot upgrades to like 411 does it not? that’s already a 40 ilvl upgrade per item from 372 to that. huh?

How would they be excluded if they can pull up the group finder and que for it just as they do now?

Disagree. 5 heroics take a lot longer then a single +2

Why do 5 dungeons for a 415 when a single dungeon gives me a 415 in my vault on a Tuesday?

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