Herod queue time is 300+ minutes unacceptable

OP’s server isn’t layered right now, is it?

I chuckled as I read this while on my ipad, and the various elements of the page are overlapping each other. The company cannot even give a thought to their website, much less a serious thought of the state of the game.

Part of me thinks this is an attempt to get players back in bfa.

Once again this blatant lie rears its idiot head.

Multi-billion dollar AAA company with a small indie dev team.

You must be new here. That is Glinda’s entire gimmick.


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Due to very high demand, we opened a new WoW Classic realm for name reservations at 5:00 p.m PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT) on Wednesday, August 14:

Stalagg – PvP – Eastern Time

We suggest that players, especially those on the Herod realm, consider creating characters on Stalagg. We expect that other PvP realms in this region will otherwise experience significant login queues when Classic launches.

Thank you!

you knew from the start

Sorry, but those of us who were there for that, many players who paid and wasted 2 weeks of unusable sub time, entire guilds planned well ahead of name reservation day, we remember how it actually went down. The rush happened and blizzard only had a small handful of servers to choose from. Players who went through that were not willing to sacrifice their reserved names to go through that garbage once again, and with blizzard giving ZERO advanced notice of the added servers, players who already had names had zero chance to coordinate their entire guilds to jump ship on a moment’s notice.

By release ALL of that small number of servers were at full status. Every single one. Then blizzard decided to change what each measurement meant, making some of the “full” ones then show as medium.

Each and every step of release saw blizzard bumbling and tripping over their own feet, and making a mess of the entire thing.

So yeah, the whole “you were warned” garbage is epic tier bootlicking & white knighting .

Honestly until the combination of Covid-19 and ZG release the q’s were like 30-mins max since p2 (minding the BWL spike.)
Now its 120+ minutes even on outside the normal raid time rush. 5+ hour q time started at 4pm est on this last Tuesday.

Hell if Blizzard did anything about the rampant botting problem this q would easily be 90 minutes shorter every day.

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Not just the botting, but also the rampant multiboxing in every zone.

Pretty much I have 25 post total and half are from today. Can’t log in ofc lol.

Herod now too? Feel free to buy a server transfer.

You are never getting to 10k posts at that rate!

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that post is literally from the name reserve period, a full week before release. you only have yourself to blame

That post was a zero warning opening when most players who’d reserved names did so already, and were not browsing the forum 24/7. That was ZERO warning for guilds that have up to multiple hundreds of individual players, guilds who had made plans of coordinated efforts cemented. That no warning announcement was also the first attempt of several to incrementally kick the can down the road, with those fresh server openings repeatedly filling up such that blizzard repeatedly advised everyone to go to the next new server. Every single server that was open for name reservations prior to release, were full status on launch day. And look at you here now, carrying water furiously defending blizzard, and victim blaming every player who had made the mistake (their fault in your opinion) for coordinating guilds and name reserving prior to release.

But hey, keep defending blizzard. Maybe Ion will gift you a new mount skin for BFA and possible a warm hug of gratitude.

“b–b-b-b-b-ut layering damages the community, and it’s not in the spirit of vanilla”

Neither is allowing 10k+ people on a server, yet they did it and encouraged it through paid transfers.

I’ll take the layering to bring back the spirit of vanilla when it comes to Black Lotus prices.

While I agree Blizzard is mostly to blame for the stupid high pop servers by increasing the max player pop possible per realm, the players are not without blame either. From the start they should have left max pop to their original size, and also restricted player creation to some degree once a realm had a large number of new characters created. A warning (which they did issue) telling players this realm is reaching max capacity and will incur high queue times should suffice.

My guild coordinated at launch and we WERE going to create guilds on these realms, until guess what? We saw the warnings Blizzard gave us and said nope, hard pass. We have not had queues since the first 2 weeks of launch on my server, except with ZG launch we now have queues of about 3 minutes.

Now had my guild ignored those warnings and stayed on those realms, I’m confident we would have been really unhappy and when Blizzard offered those realms free transfers off, we would have taken them right away. And yet many chose to remain hoping others will leave and fix their problems for them. Again you chose to remain, so enjoy your queues, and MAYBE next time you’re offered a free xfer, you might take it.

Stop ignoring their warnings, honestly with the original warnings, and then a second chance with free xfers, and people STILL stayed on those realms, tough luck. Be glad I’m not in charge, if I was Blizzard I would leave you there.

im not defending blizzard. im just laughing at how you rolled on THE mega server at launch and then get mad about queues despite warnings and plenty of time to change your plans. You messed up and your paragraph after paragraph of whining and cope isnt helping your situation.

Every single server was a mega server at launch.

I am not mad. Just sick of people glossing over what at the end of the day is fault laying in blizzard’s lap.


Servers that Blizzard created to get players to shift away from Herod had higher queue times at launch.

Regardless, Herod hasn’t seen hours long queue times since…November?

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Indeed. Each time they hesitantly squeezed a new server from the rock, players risked not getting their names, and risked guilds being destroyed.

Tuesdays you might get ~ an hour in a typical kung flu week. Predictable and able to be planned around.

Yesterday however, I booted up at around 3PM, and queue boss finally defeated around 9PM. A monumentally bad decision it was to take an already stressed environment and toss a stick of dynamite into it with the release of a new raid, and then today world dragons.