Heritage Armour for characters levelled in Pandaria Timerunning?

Do we know if characters levelled in Paradaria Timerunning will be eligible for Heritage Arnour in The War within?


Think this is gonna be it’s own mode like Plunderstorm aka separate from your actual character list

They did say you get to transfer your Remix character over to your main account after though so it could work for heritage but no confirmation yet.

You will create your character from the main character select screen on the realm of your choosing.

This got me thinking. I wonder if we will be able to earn the challenge mode sets for retail in this?

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I’m also interested in that issue. Some races acquire their heritage armor just by leveling up. Perhaps leveling in Pandaria will make them eligible for the heritage quest?


Hope that’s true then. Would love to run a Zandalari through to get their heritage.

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Yea, I’d like know that as well.

I have yet to unlock some heritage sets on the Horde.

They said we won’t. Limited-time collections are gone. Legendary questline is gone.

I’d like to see more recolors of those sets, though. But it seems too late for that.