Here is the LFG Addon in action! Much worse than you thought

It just that I actually experienced this version of the game before. Social interaction doesn’t flourish around making groups but actively playing with them. The add on is a convince but convince in and of itself is a good thing.

You are not going to notice a social difference between a person using this addon and one typing out “LFM”

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If you go AFK the addon will delist your group and stop posting in chat.

Like I described earlier, for now you can disable the talent sharing and in an future update it will be removed. You will then be able to just set your role after you got invited.

Now, with that being said, and understanding how people behave in retail, and make no mistake there will be retail players who play Classic with their current mentality,could you not see this feature being abused. A scenario if you will where just by seeing a class they just decline you without a conversation at all? Similar to how trying to queue for mythic dungeons or anything in the retail group finder works? In your experience, when queuing for retail dungeons, mythics, raids, etc if you get rejected do you usually get a message as to why? Because I’m willing to bet more often than not you don’t. And that’s the power this addon gives people, the convenience to avoid social interaction because it’s easier to just decline someone than have a conversation.

To be fair my earlier example isn’t going to always result in a nice friendly interaction. It just has more potential to as where this addon has the exact opposite potential, removing social interaction due to convenience.

I think that when there is less automation (teleports, dungeon finders etc) or simplification(gearscore, item acquisition) being an @sshole is harder. When you need to take time to manually find a group, ask for invite and get in location. You can gauge what people are like (how they write, what their gear looks like, how long it takes for them to get to location etc). And the fact that you get to know people on your server makes people to be on better behavior.

All those things take effort and time. More time and effort you put in to things, the more likely you are to try to stay in and not cause drama or be the “ruiner of fun”. Your reputation will follow you and if you are “that guy” it will get harder and harder to do things that require other people.

Whenever you get to play with people that stand out in positive light you tend to try and add them to form groups or even communities in future.

These things need by turned off by default. In fact, the functionality shouldnt even exist.

I agree with you that they will be abused and eventually force players to use said addon if not handled.

Blue Post on Loot Trading in Classic From March

“Taking that into consideration, we’ve decided that the two-hour loot trading system in WoW Classic will only apply to soulbound gear that drops in raids. Soulbound loot that drops in five-person content will not be tradeable at any time.”

And once again I will argue the spirit of Vanilla WoW was never about standing in a city spamming a chat channel, especially when Blizz actively took steps to try and move people away from it. Also, if it’s not ok to add things, then it’s not ok to take things away, so I’ll have back those macros that could play the game for me.

That’s because people are generally bad at math and break out in hives if they see a spreadsheet. That’s not indicative of a mod’s efficacy or lack thereof, people can be very stupid. I fully expect dumb comments when I play my Classic druid about having a “low ilvl” piece of gear, but that has no bearing on whether or not I’m correctly geared.

Yeah it was… you had the EJ Forums as a mainstay of information for a long while.

Community consensus isn’t what makes a gear choice correct.

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Hopefully in a future update your add on will be removed. And hopefully your ability to create more add ons. You cannot be trusted to make add ons. Point blank. You may not see your self as a villain. But I promise you, you are

Are we going to get a Blue post about this game breaking addon/exploit ruining experience about to happen at launch??? Or is Blizzard going to fail us last minute and let the game be ruined?

Yes this isn’t an addon boys this is an outright exploit!!! Remember an exploit is something that the Devs don’t intend. They said they don’t intend for this. So lets fix this exploit.

IF a group leader for 5 man dungeon required a resume to join his party I would politely say “no thanks” and go to the next group (or make my own).

So the only interaction required is hitting spacebar to avoid going afk every 5 minutes? You recognize the issue here, right?

Why did this ****hole think we needed this kind of add-on for Classic?


Inspecting people shouldn’t exist? Such authenticity!

You can still do it all manually.

Exactly it’s just group finder all over again

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Yes this lfg addon needs to be banned and people using it need to be sent back to retail. If you choose convenience over socializing you end up with no community just like in retail. BAN

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You can just shift click and see the class even without the addon. It is the exact same information. What is the difference you see here?

Such is the life of dps in vanilla. If you think communicating with people= “providing a resume” and is too much to ask when it comes to forming a group, again - stick to retail.

The UI is far faster and more effcient than you espcially when it has a larger reach. Its Far easier for you to toggle some options in an addon then when you send out that information in a chat form and just ignore classes you dont want.

Was it? I dont keep up on changes i only going off what the OP has. Still the idea that it was in is a bigger issue of what could be overall. Better that its not in.

You can walk away for a time before you actually are determined AFK by the system as i am sure you are aware.

It could also be added back or another person could write something for it. What is reasonable to discuss is capabilities of things that maybe this addon writer will pull from it but another would add into it.

If other people using the addon ruins the game for you, you need to grow up, or find a guild and just run stuff with them. Nothing is stopping you from standing in IF spamming a chat channel, even if people use this add on.

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