Here is the GM responce after waiting 3 days

And you can tell me they sufficiently answered my question (I only just noticed a GM responded to my post telling everyone they actually answered my question) so you be the judge did they answer my question?

I would very much like to switch to Alliance, is there anyway I can do this? I’m hoping you can delete this character and create a random Alliance toon
3 days ago
So the character I would like deleted is Habskilla-Faerlina and any Alliance toon with any name to be created on Faerlina, if at all possible. The server is locked and as far as I know the rules state you must have a character on this server to create another character and I do indeed have a character on this server
2 days ago
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2 days ago
Greetings Mike :smiley:

Never fear, Game Master Frichader is here to discuss and hopefully help what is going on. Thank you for your patience here! The increased demand (due to COVID and more people at home) + a new temp work environment, has led to more of a delay then we’d like…

Great question there!

Ah man, the old days of gaming come back here! Battle for Azeroth WOW characters have the option for character services, such as this. For Classic though it’s not possible (except for realm to realm transfers under the same account). Character services, (including character transfers between WoW accounts), changing a faction, name or appearance, are not available in WoW Classic.

If you wish to have a different name, race or gender, or play on a different faction or account, you would need to create a new character to play. The same holds true for transfers for PvP to PvE or PvE to PvP… However, you can now transfer realms (with several stipulations)!

There was a WOW Classic AMA that happened in the past and character services were one of the questions asked. You can find out more at Q&A Compilation -- WoW Classic Development Team AMA (though as a note this is on the US forums).

Customer Service cannot swap your current faction. We also cannot create a new character on that realm. If wanting to change factions, you would have to delete the Horde and make the Alliance, but as you mentioned, you may be blocked due to the lock. There is not a way a Game Master can get around that either…

If this is something you would like to see added to Classic, definitely put in a suggestion in game &/or on the Classic forums!

If you have any other questions please hit us up.
Hope you have fun in Classic!

Your last post was locked. Recreating one to continue on isn’t recommended. And yes, I do feel they answered your question as what you were asking is also not possible for a GM to do.


But the GM never directly addressed my question and the last thread was about waiting 3 days for a responce this thread is about the responce itself. I am no longer debating if I can get this service done I am now asking if the GM answered my question

Vrak is a Support Forum Agent. Not a game master. They do have a slight distinction, for future reference. :wink:

It is also unwise to continue discussion about a thread that has run its course and been locked. Everyone can see the outcome of the chat for themselves in that one.

As was pointed out, the answer to your reason for ticketing in:


They did. Right here:


And I’m asking if it is possible for them to create the Alliance toon because of the locked server. I stated a lock server purpose is to stop new people entering the server but since I have a toon I felt I should be allowed to make an Alliance toon. This is the question I am asking

The answer is no. That’s not something a GM is able to do. That’s why they said “If wanting to change factions, you would have to delete the Horde and make the Alliance, but as you mentioned, you may be blocked due to the lock. There is not a way a Game Master can get around that either…”

They can not do it.


The GM first started talking about paid services in Live, ok not related.

The GM also talks about transferring realms. How exactly does this address my issue?

Then the GM says that one line “you would need to create a new character to play”

Do you see the issue? Not once did the GM directly address (or even mention) my issue with the locked server (something like “oh ya Mike I can see the issue trying to make an Alliance toon on this locked server” would have bee great)

What I got from this GM responce is a GM not wanting to understand my situation and gave me some generic responce




But they literally did. I’ve quoted it twice now even. They mention that it’s locked and that they can’t bypass that.

I’m not sure how that doesn’t address it directly to be honest.

If you’re just hoping to provide feedback about the response, then once the ticket is marked “Resolved”, a survey should be attached that you can fill out. The CS forums are not actually a feedback point for your ticket.

But it will not change the outcome of your request. They cannot do what you’re asking. They can’t make a character for you or bypass the lockout.


Well I guess all I can say is mb. I couldn’t get through what he was saying as he kept on talking about things that didn’t relate to my situation at all and it just made me frustrated

Sticky this tread I’m clearly the idiot in here

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Nah all good. Glad you worked it out.

As mentioned in the last thread, hopefully the realm lock won’t be on for too much longer.

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This thread is no longer stickied, but it should be the one they update when changes are made to the locks.

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Nah Orf, there are a lot of moving pieces involved and the wait times on tickets right now are longer than usual so I can definitely understand being frustrated if it feels like the question didn’t get an answer.

I am sorry for all the confusion surrounding it though.


I would say that the first part of the response is directly responding to the first part of your ticket:

Then, the second part addresses your specific request to delete a toon and create a new one for you.

The confusion is understandable. You are definitely not an idiot. Unfortunately, your request cannot be fulfilled by a GM.