HELP with a mass transfer please

If you want to transfer the guild, then you absolutely do have to spend the $35 for the Guild Realm Transfer. There’s no way around that.


didn’t ask for that , but seems like Blizzard still has not learned…

lose millions of players and still more worried about that extra $$$

have they never learned a HAPPY player / Customer is more than likely to do more business with them, buy more etc… in the future?

Having a tantrum isn’t going to help you…


Oh you know how much money I have available to spend?

If you don’t have it, sorry too bad. You expect Blizzard to give you discount to the exception of everyone else because you can’t afford it?


LOL AGAIN actually read what was said

I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND to pay that extra $35

So you’re just here to rant about how Blizzard decides to distribute services, rather than ask a question about how they work?

This thread belongs in GD, not customer service.


Then what are you asking for? You’re arguing over a $10USD difference. Literally that’s the difference between a transfer or a Guild Transfer.

People leave for all sorts of reasons, just like they return for all sorts of reasons. I’m not too sure how many are on record being mad that there’s an optional service to move a guild and that it costs a little bit more than moving without the guild.

You’d be losing your mind if you knew that these services didn’t once exist and that players used to have no choice but to re-roll for free!!! FREE!!! Such a greedy company.

Good news is that you can actually still start on a new server at no cost :wink:


If you dont have the money to spend then wait till a toon sale happens blizzard does it a few times a year im sure u have better things to spend ur money on then transfering toons.


To be fair, the way you phrased that could be read either way.

You’ve been given the correct information, Grimm.