HELP with a mass transfer please

It states in the article Ruffle posted.

* You cannot transfer a character that is a Guild Master. You can either give the leadership to another member of the guild, or buy a [Guild Master Transfer]( service.

The cost of guild services is dependant on where you live. For example, the cost would be greater here in Canada where I’m at than it would be for those located in the US.

As mentioned, the guild transfer includes moving the GM of the guild. All other players/characters you wish to move have to pay for a separate transfer.

It’s a premium service and if you don’t wish to use it, you’re not forced to. You can transfer to the new server and establish a new guild if you want to.


No, but you are trying to transfer a guild in the character transfer window and they are NOT the same thing:


Then in that case, the individual character transfers you purchased would not work. You would need to purchase a guild realm transfer.


As I mentioned this is not a traditional GUILD it has one and only one member ME, I use it to store items to sell on the AH…

So obviously I don’t plan to throw all that away to do as you suggested?

You don’t have to do that at all! However, that does not change the fact that as the GM of a guild, you cannot use a regular character transfer. You must use the Guild Realm Transfer service.


Good God let me make this clear…

I AM NOT asking for someone else to follow me, pay for their Xfer etc…

I am asking about

  1. TRANSFERING 6 of my toons (5 are not in a guild of any sort)
  2. Transfer of a guild master / guild
  3. without taking out a small loan at the bank to do so

You will need 2 purchases 1 for 5 toons and then a seperate one for guild transfer but u will need a 2nd toon the guild for a transfer to succeed.


And you have been given the appropriate information. You can use the individual transfers for the 5 guildless characters. You will have to use a guild realm transfer to transfer the guild master and guild.


In order to move this guild, you would need another character on that server to replace you as GM while you AND that guild move to a new server.

If you attempt to create a new character to be GM, I think it needs to be in the guild for a certain number of days before it can be eligible for this.

Good God, let us make THIS clear:


If you want to transfer ANY guild you need a Guild Transfer.

Doesn’t matter if it is a single character guild or 1000 players.

The guild itself and the current GM (you) would transfer.

HOWEVER, in order for this to occur you NEED to pass the GM position to another toon so there MUST be a second character in the guild before you transfer.

Edit: The GM transfer will happen in the transfer window. It will ask you which character you want to pass GM to after your current GM character leaves the server.

You will then have a “copy” of that guild left behind on the previous server.


Looks at the title of the thread. o.O

Okay, so you only want to move your GM character and the guild. Okay, then it’s a single charge to do so. If you feel that it somehow requires a “small loan”, then transfer the character on its own and start a new guild.

Alternatively, buy game tokens from the AH and convert them to balance if that’s available where you live. Then the whole thing is free.



I WANT to transfer a total of 6 characters…
1 of which happens to be a guild master

I know that Blizzard is only in this to make even more money off of each transfer…

I think to require someone to come up with another $65 to transfer a guild master/ guild is Bs and kind of bordering on greed

I’m not sure where you’re getting $65 extra from. The $35 Guild Realm Transfer includes the GM and the Guild itself. However, as previously mentioned, you would need an alternate character as GM in the current guild before you can transfer it.


There not gona offer u a one time deal you have 3 choices Either wait for a character sale more likely close to dragonflight launch post in general in the vain hope that blizzard will change there policys or c avoid general politics and post in the ingame suggestion feature.

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Step one:

Purchase a mass transfer, which is cheaper than 5 (leaving out your GM) individual transfers.

Step two:

Purchase a GUILD transfer for your GM character.

Step three:

Invite an alt or trusted friend to your guild so you have someone to transfer GM to on your “old” server (THIS IS REQUIRED TO TRANSFER GUILDS).

Step four:



Then you’ve been provided all the info needed to do so. Either there is a single character to transfer or multiple (it doesn’t matter whose account they’re on) and if they want to move along with the GM, then they need to pay to do so.

What exactly is it you were hoping for here? I’m literally confused as you’ve gone from a mass transfer to only one character back to 6 again.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing that cost for transferring a GM and Guild. In Canada the cost is $44 CDN. If it’s more where you live, then there’s really nothing that can be done of that short of choosing not to make that purchase and starting over for free.

It’s up to us as customers to decide if our time is worth the cost or not.

And yes, a for-profit company who paid and continues to pay for the development, changes and additional costs of an optional service is allowed to do so even while choosing to make a profit.


That is two transactions. There is no other option.

  1. Guild services transfer for GM and guild. To do that first invite another character (you can invite your own using the guild invite/advertising feature). That new GM may need to be there 7 days from login.
  2. Purchase your individual or bundle of character transfers.

All the info you have been given is correct.

Blizzard is not going to create a custom transfer package for you.


Step 5
Spend another $35-or more that I don’t have to spend

Sorry, but yes you do.

Unless you plan to disband the guild, that’s the only way to transfer an entire guild.