Help Thex!

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Hey all,

So last week this thread gained an immense amount of attention and started the Thex meme. Basically this guy asked about what names and classes people were going to play and shared his (a Shaman named Thex) which caused everybody to also say they were creating a Shaman named Thex.

Now on August 12th thousands and thousands of people are going to be racing to get the name Thex which pretty much guarantees that the actual Thex will be unable to get his name. I’ve also read that streamers will be able to reserve their names early which got me thinking, it would be pretty cool of Blizzard to also let this guy reserve his name early too. Alternatively if any streamer is reading this it would be pretty big of you guys to contact Thex and reserve his name for him on the server of his choice.

The meme is entertaining but I kinda feel bad that now this guy won’t be able to get his name and I feel like this is something that we can help him out with!

Realm List is UP
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You reap what you sow. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Oh also petitions are against TOS on here.


So what? Good cause is a good cause.

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Note, updated the subject to not be a petition!


Nice try, Thex.

(Abada) #7

I think that the amount of people who will actually compete for the name “Thex” will be small.

It is just an inside joke spawned from teasing some bloke on a community forum starved for content. The amount of Arthoos, Ilayden, and Laegolaes attempts will outnumber the Thex attempts by far.


I think you are wrong. There will be a Thex in every server in the first minute.

I refuse to be part of this name reservation cash grab by Blizzard, but if I was to reserve the name Thex, I would just give it to the guy later.

(Morehwine) #9

How? Giving him your account?


Can’t click the link in the OP, but how do you know he wasn’t just a troll hoping people would post their names so he could try and claim them? I mean, why else would you care what names other people want to reserve for themselves?

(Chawana) #11

I think the guy just had a lisp, and really wanted to make his name ‘Sex.’

That’s probably against the naming rules.


Got a link to that? I call BS

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I was just coming here to say that exact thing! I am saying it out loud right now like I have an impediment. That guy is laughing, joke’s on everyone else, all the rush to name toons Thex, the actual name Sex will be overlooked for the time he needs…


He probably will inform Reddit on his success to reserve Thex. Then I would just tell “Hey! I have a Thex on realm X, do you want it?”. Then it’s just getting in a voice chat to synchronize my character deletion with his creation.


I guess I missed the whole Thex thing until I just read this tread.

You do realize that you may be hurting more than helping by keeping this on everyone’s minds and bringing it to even more people’s attention.

(Morehwine) #16

I think you’ve been whooooshed.


Could always use character map Ťhex


For what it’s worth the dude in question does seems to be a nice, although naive, individual. I think his reason for making the original thread is that when content is thin on the ground anything that starts up a discussion in the community is usually welcome. It just kind of backfired for him, heh.

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I didnt know this was a thing and wish i still didnt…


To be honest, I hope Blizzard does nothing. This is a “learning experience” moment for Thex. And to take that away would leave them a lesser person.