Help Prevent bad ganking - allow to drop WM while dead

Simple idea:
When dead, be allowed to drop WM.

I do understand that somewhere, someone will find a way to abuse it BUT it’s already been abused by people server hopping if they are getting attacked…
SO, I can’t really see a downside unless you like to gank :confused: personally the only reason I think ganking is justified is if they are doing it to you first.
Maybe they could put in the rule if you have a kill in the last 15 minutes then you can’t do it? Another one might be that it doesn’t work in WQ PVP zones etc.

Now personally I don’t mind the risk of a fight/gank when in WM (that’s the point) but most of the time these days you’ll be minding your own business and get jumped by 3+ people when your low hp etc.
Now if I’m jumped on by a solo player, game on, but even then there might be situations where it’s better to just turn it off.

You can already drop War Mode while dead, you just need to be in a rested area. As a ghost, you can travel to a rested area and turn off War Mode.


Not to sound like a dink, but it might be better for you if you don’t turn on warmode in the first place.


ganking is what war mode is all about

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Just take the rez sickness


Cool bit of info there. Just got to hope that there is a rested area close by :slight_smile:

Ahh life as a solo player. Just have to log out and log into another character if you find yourself in a camping situation. Can’t wait till they nerf tanks more so ill be completely useless against 1v5.

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I love when I’m on my tank main and I sit there and start to 1 v 3 them. If I can’t kill them they normally start getting really annoyed and try to run away but I chase them now

Call and ambulance… but not for me

Also make tanks take increased dmg, do less dmg, same for healers while in WM.

Nah where is the fun in that

Tanks already take 50% increased damage in PvP… lol


I have a better idea… completely BAN open world PVP, sick and tired of people with WM on going into open world events and basically forcing others NOT in WM to PVP

Uh… You realize players with War Mode on can’t see people who don’t have War Mode on, right?

If you have War Mode off you will not be seeing anyone else with War Mode on unless you’re in Valdrakken or Orgrimmar/Stormwind :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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that is what I thought as well but guess what… I’m killing mobs during the Superbloom event then next thing I’ve been killed… I res… go back and poof… dead again… it’s then that I notice the PVP Icon and that somehow I’d been forced into WM