Heirlooms ruined Wow for me

Heirlooms ruined pvp, ruined the economy ( selling alt gear ) and ruined the rpg experience of getting your first green/blue. I rather have the dungeon finder all day before heirloom gear which completely ruined the World of Warcraft. Keep heirlooms out to save the direction of the game!!! We don’t want helmets and shoulders pads at lvl 1 that’s broken af. Heirloom gear was stupid OP as well.


Flagged as trolling…


lol go ahead

So you’re mad you can’t go on your twink and destroy undergeared levelers anymore?


Heirlooms were absolutely needed, you use “we” as if you speak for everyone.

Vanilla weapon gaps are abysmal for certain specs so you spend at least 10 levels before getting a worthy upgrade. Heirloom weapons guarantee never having weak brackets.

They add a use for badges and an excuse to level alts for people who might not have without, it keeps people playing.
Faster xp? Yeah an alt sounds fun.

You can still exploit people and their gold by selling for the non-loom slots.
Wotlk only offers shoulder/chest/weapon/trinket.


People getting on the forums and complaining about asinine things ruined the game for me.

Heirlooms do nothing to stop you from playing. It’s amazing to me how many people want to control how others play a game.


NO, heirlooms will be in and buyable for 5$. Faction change will be buyable once trial of crusader is added. Pvp racials will be inactive for arena until trial of the crusader drops.

So a lvl 80 raidlogger buys gear with the intention of leveling an alt, 2 states of pvp in wrath bgs, xp on/off. So in twink bracket they are sub par to bis greens, lvl 16 white shoulders with a naxx chant will still be bis in the 19 bracket, they do not allow above lvl bracket chants so it’s +4 till 35, same goes for weps, if your worried about bgs and think heirlooms will ruin it then your a poser because there is no substantial pvp from 20 to 69 right now, it’s totally broke and just twinks at 19 and bored endgamers at 70. I’ve been waiting for the day xp in bgs starts and I can start lvling alts through the brackets


I do agree with OP. When you don’t have to upgrade slots because you have heirlooms, it does take away the fun of acquiring gear upgrades as you level.


I agree with OP. Heirlooms are absolutely horrible for the game and it should be removed for wrath classic


Heirlooms helped to ruin the low levels and never should have been put in the game but I wouldn’t say they ruin the entire game. Once you ding max level they no longer matter. Also, no one will have them for first few months because you need max level badges to buy the things.

Yeah, this is 2022, we need to be MODERN.

We we identify a problem: “Players that have already reached max level want to get more characters to 80 to play, but in a more timely manner”

We have 2 major solutions:

The 2008 way (Gross, terrible) where we implement the solution in-game to players that earn the necessary badges for each Heirloom piece to make their leveling experience faster and more fun (Barf)

The 2022 way (Innovative, instilling sense of pride and accomplishment) where we sell the handy dandy booster helper pack! Where you get a boost right up to 68 with your friends and family (So trendy, modern), for only $59.99.

I agree with OP, Heirloom gear pulls me right out of the fantasy of the game. What we need are boosts that aren’t limited to one per account.


What’s funny is most of the posts against heirlooms are veiled sarcasm against lfd removal and a scorched earth strategy of, " If I don’t get this I’m gonna burn everything else down too." Most here are misrepresenting and misremebering many details around them like they are endgame rewards that give leveling perks for alts and not at all easy to aquire. Non binding OP gear already exists so they do nothing to disrupt the rp meta nor do they cause any legitimate power imbalance.


Also of help to those who are RNG challenged. some nights I got me some greens. OKay…hate to sound needy but could get some agility and not intelligence please.

See I also do that nasty dual boxing some love sometimes. I got the 60+ boosting say this char. I see ALL dungeon drops. Even monastery passes have hated me lol.

Best I can hope for is a BOE I had drop can sell for the price of the BOE on AH that is much better for me. So that way I break even.

This could be valid criticism for Retail, where most slots have Heirlooms now. But not Wrath. There are four slots (or five with the fishing ring that few will actually get). You get to fill the rest the normal way.

I know there was a little crossover but they were basically good for one class.

Anyone able to get them will have long ago gotten their first epic and destroyed hundreds or thousands of greens and blues.


Trinkets don’t drop till like the last 10 levels of the now 50, used to be 110. So trinket looms don’t really compete for most of the leveling. No looms you get nothing. Same for neck really.

final 10 to level cap…really sparse drop rate here based on many levels. TOF had some as rewards. Useful if you see them but as a new new player…TOF not an option. 1 char has to run the story to 60 fully (unless changed since I left)

If you look at how the classic community plays the game, they try to skip as much of the leveling experience already… Why make it harder?

I always thought they would be better off as infinitely re-useable enchants for bonus exp, but in the current state of the game I will just take them as they are.


I love this idea!

Because I do agree with the OP that having heirlooms take away from the joy of getting an upgrade while leveling. How many times have I heard warriors talk about their WW axe quest? When a caster got the super rare epic staff from Darkmaster Gandling? There’s a reason heirloom gear looks the way they do. They look like the iconic old-world gear that elicit certain strong memories from people when they see it.

Your idea is the best or both worlds. I wish they would do this!

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