Hehe. Just had an evil idea to punish RMT

So… aheh… hehe. I just had a thought.

How about when someone buys gold, instead of giving them a temp ban, you take the gold away…

And then have an NPC in the banks of the major cities set up a literal “Trust” fund. The player has to give gold to that NPC until they’ve stored an amount equal to that which was taken away. After they’ve payed into it fully, they get all the gold from that fund.

But here’s the catch… hehehe…

…Until they do so, they are locked from the economy. Can’t use the AH, nothing through the mail unless it’s their own alts, no trades, nada. Just like a trial account. They can still get gear from dungeons/raids, but that’s it.

Want a great BoE? Gotta pay up your trust fund. Want to enchant your new gear from ToC? Gonna have to level enchanting on an alt or farm for that trust fund. Need more Potions of Speed for raid? Best go herb, pal.


Would force people to learn how to be self sufficient and farm on their own without swiping a credit card. In addition to being a monumental pain in neck if they’d got caught for significant amounts. And once they finally were back in the clear, they’d have all that money they’d originally bought to spend… after earning it themselves the hard way.


I dunno. Maybe I’m just a sadist.


i like it.

make it hurt! make it be a real toil. make it where they hate every second of it, and learn to never do it again.

their cries of anguish will serve as a warning to the others.


So basically they just quit? Why not just ask for a permanent ban?


So basically just quit the game. Blizzard should sell tokens at this point. This is current day gaming. RMT are inevitable. People got more important things to do than mindlessly farming gold

So they buy more gold and not get caught. You realize blizzards ban rate for gold buyers is like less then 1% right?

These are insane ramblings

Robbing players of their gold and treating them like criminals is horrendous for an economy.

What you should be going after are the people that create malicious gold which does not belong in the economy.

Right, which doesn’t make for good decisions regarding an economy.

This. Just ban them and move on.

That post was typed so cringely

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Attach to ip/mac as well to keep from getting a new account.

This is why you shouldn’t post on forums while high.

While the idea is funny, I think if I was found guilty of doing that and THIS was the punishment, I’d rather just straight up quit. Can’t use the AH? Like what? How am I suppose to make gold? Quest? Farm vendor trash? That would take actual ages. I could get perm banned and level a new character before I ever reach the amount of gold I’d need.

Orrrrrr… and stay with me here…

They could just actually ban buyers and take away the gold… You don’t need elaborate punishments, you just need ANY punishment.

One of my guildies in OG classic actually did get banned after buying 50k gold from multiple purchases. But they only took away about 5k from ONE of the purchases that triggered the ban… they didn’t even glance at his account after the ban to check for other transactions… So the punishment was so small it was barely even a deterrent…

If they had looked they could have easily found several other sellers as well, which would have led to finding multiple other buyers, which would lead to more sellers so on and so forth… They could put a MAJOR dent in buying if they just followed the money slightly… But that just doesn’t seem to be a priority so… here we are.

we will not engage in strawman arguments on this topic i stand by my answer.

you don’t have an answer. just a little pain in the lower region.

What you’re missing here is that the players who buy gold, generally don’t care about their accounts. Buy gold, get banned, next step is just to buy another level 80 account from the same website they bought the gold from.

The way wow is set up this won’t work.

making new chars is easier. they’d do that. and not RMT 50K round 2. they’d maybe RMT 25k and see if that doesn’t get flagged by sql stored procedures (SP). I am assuminn they have SP’s for this anyway.

eve has this set up, kind of.

RMT busted people get a negative wallet number. well did like 5 years ago, if changed I missed those patch notes.

they RMT’d 5 billion isk, -5 billion wallet balance. First the ban, then later you can plead to get the account back. Now…you work off the -5 billion to 0. sentence served. no money back.

Eve doesn’t care what gold is clean or dirty. they wipe it all.

People work this off in eve. Here is why. If your main char took 6 years to reach set goals a new char is going to take…6 years to get to same level. Passive skill point system in eve. the meme’d 1 month trains for jsut one skill level rank.

wow with a power level session ( or boost on new account) and some friend carries…one can be caught up in 1 or 2 months. One Won’t be full uldaur. But they are in the Heroic dungeons and at least hateful/deadly gear at least

I saw this as a recruiter on API checks in eve. we gave RMT’ers second chances.

however they did not get hangar rights, at all lol. we were nice, but that nice. jsut in case they wanted to steal crap is why lol.

actually found some solid pvp’ers that way. they messed up, learned their lesson, and wanting to fix that.

also answered question 2 we asked. We always ask do you have an alt. at -5 billion isk…an alt was making money. so…tell us about that alt, applicant.

How about you just ban them…

Just release a fresh server, nobody will have 1 mil gold to sell, at least not for weeks or months.

with 58% bonuses and probably side talks after behind the scenes of blizzard is management going…dudes we can’t turn away, for life, more money.

That would mean next year the big meeting will be 25% bonus lol.

something something bots are stolen accounts, they lose money. not all bot/gold farm accounts are stolen.

I knew a gold farmer IRL. we worked the same company. it was his day job lol, wow was the 2nd job. This was around the wrath/cata days. He wasn’t stolen accounts. he was paid in full for several. it paid well he said.

I played eve at the so didn’t partake of the offers of discounts since he liked me lol.