Hehe. Just had an evil idea to punish RMT

As funny as it would be, people would just quit. Most of people who buy gold just want to experience classic in a vacuum where they dont need to participate in the core element of an MMO which is farming resources. Its dads who can only play a finite amount of time, and if they have to be bothered to farm, they’d rather just not play. Blizzard is well aware of this, and its partially why they arent as harsh on it as they want to be.

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but they’re gold-buyers. it’s this or permaban. them quitting means nothing.

To be fair, I never claimed to be sane.

I mean, the post has literal cackling in it. Kind of a dead giveaway.

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I just assumed it was uwu speak

You make it seem like Blizzard wants to punish gold buyers.

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That’s retail. You have more important things to do than farming gold means classic isn’t your game. You should accommodate with the game’s demand, not the game with your demands. Go back to retail if you want that crap and leave classic alone.

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