Heals LF raid group

Hi all, recently returned to my Resto shammy after a short stint at DPS but realised I missed healing too much. 12/12N and 5/12H and will hopefully catch up on gear quickly.

Hit me up if you are interested. Happy to raid any days and more the merrier.

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My man! Exactly what we looking for! Need a resto whammy to complete our heals team. Add me on discord. Attach at the bottom and I’ll invite you to the guild discord for a chat and look around.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Also doing a normal run this sunday for fun, wouldnt be a bad idea to come along as see what we are like

Carpe Jugulum
OCE - H - Barthilas

We are looking for all players to expand our Ranks.
We believe it’s not how you play the game, but rather who you play it with…
Looking for all active players to add to our family, and build a community.

Mythic raid
5/8M EP
9/12 H 8.3
Raid time : Mon/Thurs 6.30-9.00pm server (GMT+10)
Looking for all exceptional players.

Casual raid (optional)
Normal clear
Sunday 6:30 pm sever time
All welcome

If you are looking to join our core raiding ranks note that the 20 slots are not reserved, they are for the players that prove themselvs not just by being good mechanically and having decent logs, but consistantly showing up, not being late and having a good attitude when things get tough.
Not one players spot is guaranteed and is always continually earned by merits.

However we do sunday clears everyweek with lower guildies for gear, ap and just a bit of fun and banter.

Also achievement, mount and transmog runs are done by some of us on weekends for those collectors/completists.

Most of us do keys almost every night of all ranges, starting at those that just want there weekly chest done for the loot and for those that want to push there I.o even higher and beyond we can help with that!

Contacts :
Discord - Tom (warkeys)#3543 -best point of contact.
Bnet - Boss#1709

Hey Krytt!

Could definitely use a strong resto shammy in my guild if you’re interested, we raid Wed/Sun nights 8:00-11:00pm server time, currently 9/12H. More details below!


About Us:
Exile is a 2-night, 9/12H NYA raiding guild on Barthilas that raids on Wednesday & Sunday nights from 8pm-11pm server time.

When not raiding, our guild has a casual, laid back atmosphere. Some people like to M+, some like to PvP, and some like to post low-effort memes in our Discord sh!t-posting channel. The average age of our players is 25-30, so we’re looking for mature-ish players near that age range that aren’t easily offended but likewise aren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

When we do raid, we like to knuckle down and get serious for progression content – keeping comms clear for callouts and instruction, performing at the peak of our ability, switching to alternate specs if needed, and sitting on the bench when it’s requested. We all expect and comply with raid requests.

About You:
Many of our players have full-time jobs, significant others, and/or families of their own – so while we don’t expect or require players to be on all the time with maximum iLvl and perfect attendance, we still require that you have the spare time and wherewithal to have a level 75 (or near 75) Azerite neckpiece, be gearing yourself in M+, and staying up-to-date with the latest class changes and boss strategies. We want people that can gear themselves and help others, not those hoping for a carry.

To pass your trial period of 2-4 weeks and make the core raid team, you’d be expected to have around 90% raid attendance, be capable of playing multiple specs (and switching when needed), be constantly achieving moderate HPS/DPS parses, adequately performing raid mechanics, and be willing to sit on the bench – and be available until raid ends – when we need to rotate other players in (we’re all team players here - if you’re expecting a guaranteed raid spot every raid night, and are unwilling to sacrifice for the team, this is not the guild for you). Unfortunately, if you have poor attendance, low parses, or are consistently dying to mechanics, you will not earn a spot on our raid team. We cannot carry underperformers – if you can pull your weight, we’ll be happy to have you.

For Hire:
We’re currently considering all applicants that are experts of their respective classes, fonts of knowledge regarding raid mechanics, and team players that are willing to sacrifice for the guild (though we’re specifically in need of a mage and a healer with a competitive DPS offspec).

If you’re interested in trialling with Exile, please apply here:
h t t p s://forms.gle/DdLtNq8T5e1wDUs76

If you have any questions, you can contact:
GM: blame#11778
Officers: banestrider#1813

Hey Krytt,

We could definitely need a strong healer :slight_smile: , we raid on Thursday & Sunday nights 1030-1230 svt time, currently we at 6/12H. If you would to chat more about it feel free to talk to me by adding me bnet @ Waleis#6211

Below is our post :slight_smile:


Update, we are now 12/12. Looking for RDPS and 1 resto shammy.
Keep in mind this is only our 2nd week of raiding due to reforming and to full clear heroic in that time isnt too bad. Looking to complete our team with solid players and push into mythic.

Check my post above for more information

Hey Warkeys

Sorry I only just checked in on this post, will hit you up tonight. Still gearing my Shammy but they are pretty solid in Ny’alotha so far so I should be able to help out!

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Hey Krytt,

If you haven’t found a guild. A little bit of our self introduction: We are recently reformed guild from Barthilas with experienced raiders and we are very friendly casual people.

At the moment, we are at 11/12H and we would like to recruit Rdps and healer. Shaman can be a right fit in our raid group!

Most of us were from Brisbane, Singapore, Sydney and Perth players. We raid every Thursday and Sunday on 1030 - 0030 SVT time (GMT+10).

We do mythic plus the whole week. If you are interested , you can add me in bnet Waleis#6211.


Have a nice day.