Healing Solo Shuffle

I’m sure there is a count on how many threads there are with ideas on incentives (the 50 conq isn’t bringing anyone to heal btw…).

Have we tried not actively punishing healers just for playing the game? Could that be a start? How has it been this long and it’s STILL possible for this to happen? 4-2 for a LOSS OF MMR.

Why don’t you just prevent me from entering the arena, give me a 150 pt loss, and time me out for 15 minutes I’d probably be less mad.


Just to add to this, next game go 3-3 for a loss of even more MMR.

Why would anyone heal Solo Shuffle?


I agree Blizzard needs to improve healer MMR.

When you used caps for your MMR loss, I was expecting a value a bit higher than 1.


The fact that it goes down at all after a win is insanely broken. Zero change for 4-2 would still be asinine. Don’t match me into the game if winning does nothing to move my mmr up.


To phrase this in another way, my expected outcome is to either stay flat or lose rating. So I’m in this game where I can only go down. What incentive is there to play if all I can do is drop?

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All this because DPS were crying about queue times


I’d love to see 3-3 giving a small amount of cr/mmr for healers, and I don’t see the reasoning behind not doing just that.

There is no incentive to give because the problem is healing itself. Its an unfun loser role no one (objectively) wants to play. I said this last year at the start of the expansion and its true now. RSS que times will never be fixed until they and the community stop the copium.

The only solution to to design RSS and the future of the game as a whole in a world without healers.

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I’m sure it’d be a lot more popular if it were the freebie mmr position like dps is right now.

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I mean sure. 2 is more than 1 but is 2 healers enough healers to adequately meet the backlog of dps trying to que?

I dont think fixing the leaking pipe with bubblebum is a better solution than just replacing it.

I think that buffing healer MMR is probably easier than trying to restructure PVP as a whole to function without the role which they already aren’t even willing to do with tanks which are like 5% as popular.

Ofc it isnt easy but its still required. The paycheck oxygen thieves at blizzard would be required to actually do some work.

It isn’t, though. :dracthyr_love_animated: They will not prune healers.

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Ok RSS will continue to suffer incredibly long que times and the game will be worst for it.

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ouch :frowning:

You want to remove healers from WoW?


For the 700th time

MMR clearly needs work but I find it wild how you guys are all still worried about MMR in shuffle. It’s a skirmish man. It’s WoW arena with training wheels. It means nothing, it is in no way a reflection of your aptitude as a player. The biggest mistake with shuffle was ever attaching a rating to it.

Ladder is perfectly fine, and if you want a game mode where the MMR isn’t broken and the game requires you to create your own win conditions instead of handing them to you on a silver platter like clockwork @ the 2:30 mark in every shuffle game…the ladder Q button is right next to shuffle.

Can we please stop with the same skirmish thread every day. You guys are all well aware of the issues with MMR in the “ranked skirmish” mode. Q ladder, or if you’re going to Q skirmishes please for the love of God accept what you’re getting yourself in to BEFORE you Q so these threads can end.

From shuffle, I think, and it’s obviously not a viable option.

simple problems require simple solutions.

PROBLEM : nobody wants to play healer.

SOLUTION: make them want to play healer.

sorry but a chance at 50 conquest aint gonna make me Q.

bump it up to 250 boa conquest token PER ROUND WON and i would spam Q healer all day so i can gear up all my alts.

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I want healers to all be reworked into supports like aug evoker then rebalance the game around DPS having self sustain and giving them full responsibility over their own lives.

Not only is it indeed a viable option, its the only one that will fix the issue people have been complaining about since the mode was introduced.