Healers threat bugged

i’ve been experiencing alot lately that healers threat is really high (often higher then the dps at the early pulls even later on some occasions.) it seems like instead of the threat being split among each mob its giving every single mob in the pull the full threat from the heal. between this and the paladins not being able to generate threat it seems like the games falling apart.

Welcome to TBC.

Healers do pull LOTS of threat. Especially if they are healing you just as the pull goes off.

You must learn to manage your healing threat just as much as DPS do.

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As much as we tend to hate them, those healing and/or damage threat reduction talents exist for a reason. I remember early TBC hard-hitting Heroics back in the day pretty much requiring them, assuming that you weren’t running them with over-geared raiders carrying you.

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Threat in general may just be bugged, I’ve seen reports of paladin concentration doing no threat and today on my warlock my void walker was doing insane threat like I couldn’t even pull off him but after relogging it went away.

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Just run with prot paladins only in 5ppl. No threat issues. Once i was even spamming seed of corruption without a mage to save me from mobs and mobs still were on tank.

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