Headless Horseman and the Hallow's End event

Most likely they did it with love rocket

It can be tradable and not able to be sold. Same way you can trade soulbound gear in raids and dungeons.

How do you do the hard mode ?

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I like how the new Eve’s ghastly rider mount now is insta cast during the event :heart:

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prety sure its auto hard made which is just Longer mode lol

ya but cant do it while falling or jumping like the other cool broom

I noticed, small bummer but Im sure blizzard figured this would be game breaking if we could :joy:

Yeah trying to figure this out.

read your comment instant casted,went to a mounted jumped off tried went splat

You need to carry goblin gliders at the very least :joy:

Oh i have a glider on my back but was to late

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Bummer that the trading broom has to be used while standing still, but still a positive that I don’t need to farm brooms on every character now.

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They could add more stuff in the future instead. A lot of games have new stuff every year.

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No, I’ll tell them to roll and I’ll hand it over to the winner. No charge, I just do NOT want to have to dump it out of my bag with it being such a low drop chance, and yes I had to do that already one year :frowning:

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I was hoping to get a newer version of the helm this year, but it ilvl 385? LOL
should be 437. seasons DONE

I just had one drop on my Hunter with 402 item level and 1/8 upgrade path.

I can’t open my loot-filled pumpkin. Had to file a bug report.

LOL I run my first 4 lvl 70’s though that don’t need ring updates at all…they all get drop of the ring…ok fine…5th toon I run that could use a ring upgrade…nope no ring drop LOL…

The wicker men inside the instance. You accept a debuff from them. There’s 4 or 5 total. Beat him with all the debuffs on you.