[H][Bleeding Hollow] By Design [6/9M]

We’re looking for a few more drama-free individuals to commit to one of our raid teams and our community. Both teams are treated equally, one team is for weekend warriors and the other is for people who prefer to use their weekends for other things… we promise not to let the alcoholics into the raid channel on the weekends. :smiley:

  • Weekday Team
    • Tuesday 9-11pm EST
    • Wednesday 9-11pm EST
  • Weekend Team
    • Saturday 8-11pm EST
    • Sunday 8-11pm EST

If you want to join as a casual with no commitments, that’s completely fine and we’d be more than happy to congratulate you on all your achievements in guild chat so you feel a bit more at home. If you’re an established player who knows their class and requires little hand holding, we’d love to have you with us in raids. We have a habit of filling the night with intense sarcasm and sometimes you can hear the distinct sound of alcoholic beverages opening in the background depending on how good or bad the nights going. :wink: If you’re easily offended and don’t handle criticism well, this probably isn’t the guild for you. However, we’re also not out right rude and respect people as… well… actual people. On that note, anybody who has a tendency to rage on progression wipes or at all will most likely not be welcomed.

We do have a few more expectations if you want to raid and they are listed below.

  • Use DBM / Big Wigs.
  • Use Weak Auras.
  • Use Discord.
  • Be competitive.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be knowledgeable.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

  • Contact
    • Guild Leader
      • Discord : Silain
      • BattleNet : Silain#11504
    • Raid Leader
      • Discord : Prometheas
      • BattleNet : Prometheas#11653
    • Recruiter
      • Discord : tragedies
      • BattleNet : Tragedies#1501

Getting my bump in now so I can say I did my duty

Still looking for some DPS.

Bumps all around

Dps still needed. Will provide lock cookies

Bumpady bump! :slight_smile:

dps applicants that join and beat any tank on dps on any kill of the night get entered for a raffle that awards a weeks worth of raid consumables

Don’t make us beg.

Currently 8/11 normal and 3/11 heroic and still looking for dps, currently don’t have a preference on classes but ww dh lock would help a lot

Still lookin’.

We have biological females

…and a solid team. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What are you guys looking for got Me and 1 more I have this warrior and got a friend that has a pally/mage and how many people do you guys have atm for raid.

Our roster is about 13-14 consistent people and a few extra that pop in when available. We mainly need solid DPS and potentially one healer as the group grows closer to 18-20 people, anything other than a holy paladin.

Bumps to everyone

I press Death Strike

we still have girls, surprisingly

I’m a 240 fury war that’s starting to learn end game stuff would y’all be will to teach someone? I have no problem transition to tank if need be as I used to run a prot pally way back in the day just looking for a close knit group of people to help teach and work with me so I can progress and be helpful! I’m free every night after 5:30pm cst and most weekends I’m pretty open! I hope to hear back!

Teaching isn’t a problem as long as you’re willing to look a few things up to have some understanding of what’s going on.

Add me on Discord and we can talk more, Silain#2560.

still looking for ranged deeps