Having trouble making decisions as Feral

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If Thrash has its full duration, but I see I can get +15% on it, is that little of an upgrade worth the energy cost, or would the energy be better spent on Shred?

If it’s a massive AoE pull and I have a very strong Primal Wrath (Rip) on everything, then I reach 5 combo points, do I just not spend my combo points at all to avoid downgrading my Primal Wrath (Rip)?

Is it worth it to leave Cat Form to Regrowth (Bloodtalons) to empower bleeds?

(Tical) #2

For starters, you should not be using blood talons with a predator/primal wrath build for exactly the reasons you stated. On aoe packs, Primal wrath is used every 3-4 globals, meaning youre constantly refreshing the BT buffed rip. To prevent this you need to be casting regrowth on every application of rip which is a humongous dps loss. The global used for regrowth to buff rip by 25% does not surpass the damage from just casting swipe.

Blood talons and primal wrath do not mix at all. You want to be using MOC.

As for thrash. with 3xWFR you need to have Thrash up at all times. using swipe/shred without it is a damage loss.


Tical has no idea what he is talking about.

Bloodtalons is a dps increase AOE or ST whether he likes it or not. Using one global to buff your damage by 25% is not a waste of a global and NOT a humongous dps loss. You need to manage your energy better. You also want to be using SoTF so you get your energy back after primal wrath. This also increase the damage it deals by 5%

In this case, you are not looking for the bloodtalons to buff the dot damage from primal wrath, but the inital damage caused by it. Further more, this is going to deal 25% increased damage on the dots while you are generating your combo points. If you use x3 gushing lacerations that damage will only further increase. You also have a 6% chance on every rip tick to gain an extra combo point with means saving energy and globals. This does multiply with every enemy affected by rip. Using the primal wrath/bloodtalons combo is going to deal more damage than hoping for a MoC proc and getting a simple 15% damage on for one swipe. The damage increase on swipe from wild fleshrending is not that much compared to how much it buffs shred, even though it is an increase. That being said, you only shred if there is one target. Swipe will always do more damage than shred if it can hit 2+ targets.

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This is a comment from someone who doesnt understand how feral azerite traits and talents work.
he demontrates zero undestanding of how WFR works. How Jungle fury works. or how predator works.

I litterally cannot press my buttons fast enough to dump my energy, and that was before lucid dreams. This clown is suggesting we weave some heals into the mix. WHAT A JOKE!

if you took 2 seconds to actually inspect the OP, you would see that he is.


You comment on the forums with a honor level 2 druid and only having done 6/9 LFR and you heal mythic + dungeons.

It’s not hard to understand how WFR works, you press trash and your shred/swipe do more damage to targets with trash on it. The question is why even press thrash in the first place? It’s damage is horrible. Jungle fury gives you more crit so when you press your buttons it gives you the chance for x2 cp. Predator works because you kill a target and you reset tiger’s fury giving you more energy and an increased crit window.

WFR is great for a single target situation with incarn because it buffs shred so much and incarn further increases that. It does not give swipe enough bonus damage. Other than that the trait is pretty lackluster.

What do you think I am missing here? You don’t need x3 jungle fury. One trait is plenty, x3 gives you more crit than you need.

Your really getting mad because I’m not inspecting the guy and looking at his talents? LMFAO how sad.

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My feral expertise goes back much farther than bfa, but im not using my raid history to back my claims. Im using logs and basic math. You want to try and make this personal and attack me, thats on you. It doesnt change facts.

So why cast regrowth at all? It does 0 damage.
oooh yeah…Thats right…
The damage from thrash is irrelevant, its the WFR buff we desire.
Come on man, try and keep up.

Like I said. pull your logs. Compare the percentages of swipe vs rip and get back to me. Ill wait.

  • don’t bother upgrading thrash snapshot ever, except maybe on big aoe that lives a long time. even then i’d expect it’s probably not worth.

  • don’t worry about the rip snapshot with PW, feel free to just blast it whenever. the flat damage is enough to be worth using on 3ish targets. on massive aoe you want to primal wrath as much as possible.

  • generally not, but you can do hardcast regrowth -> TF and you don’t lose any time compared to normal use because it pops you back in cat form anyway.

  • ignore the forum trolls, BT is always the best damage potential. you can do MoC with 3x wild fleshrending for aoe if you have it though.

(Tical) #8

On single target, yes.

Thats it.


Lol you are in such denial. If you want to know my rip is doing 20-25% of my damage while swipe is doing 15-18% depending on the pull. Hope the wait was worth it.

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Lol. “Depending on the pull”

Go run a dungeon. Give me the overall.


Better yet. Don’t even bother replying here. I’d much rather hear your reply in the other thread.


Okay I will play your little troll game of denial. Overall my rip is doing 25% damage and swipe is doing 16%.

Christ indeed. I will reply where I like, thanks.

You shouldnt even be allowed on the forums since you have no bfa experience.

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I have more than you.

Remember that time you forgot that swipe was buffed by bleeds?!



Yeah man with that LFR progression lmfao. You dont even play feral in mythic+ lmfao. You are a FOTM roller resto druid and a wanna be feral.

I never said swipe was buffed by bleeds you delusional dopehead. Get some glasses.

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I’ve been feral since vanilla. I play resto for the insta invites and the op state they are in. It’s fun.

I’d comment on your Druid but… yeah.


yeah so you are fotm and you dont play feral. Thanks for letting us know.


I run Bloodtalons in M+ so I can still do comparable damage on ST bosses during the run. I pretty much run a hybrid between ST/AoE. With the Focusing Iris there is really no reason to go all-out into AoE.

(Tical) #17

I wasn’t going to let the poor stigma associated with feral (and perpetuated by you) ruin my fun. No crime in that. Keep up the personal attacks though! Really helping your point!


Where have I ever said that feral was in a poor state? This is more delusional assumptions coming from you. Play what you want. The game is there for fun. However, dont give misinformation out and tell other people they are wrong when you have no experience yourself and there is literally math done to prove you are wrong. You go off on childish rants and make a big deal because you are wrong. Learn from it and move on.

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It’s not in a poor state. I said poor stigma associated with it.

Do I need to explain the difference?


Okay, you have gotten completely off topic. I dont think there would be a poor stigma if people like you stopped giving out misinformation in the first place. Stop taking these forum posts personally, nobody is attacking you. You are just giving out wrong information.

Who cares though? Play how you want, it doesnt affect me.