Have at least one underwater zone in Classic


All this hype for 8.2 and memories of Cata’s underwater zone.
Classic should have one to complete the whole package.


Its called the ocean.


2/10 poor troll attempt


Elite sharks and sunken pirate ships off the coast of Rachet.


I’m actually quite well off thanks you.


Sorry bud. You’re about 15years too late to request a change like this.


Check out The Vile Reef in Stranglethorn Vale, that’ll probably be the last time you ever want to get in the water.


UGH, it’s so bad


Yeah, but now that manoeuvring underwater is more modern (no jumping to rise up) it would make sense to add a zone that takes advantage of that. There are tons of places you could do it.


IIRC Vashj’ir was one of the least played zones of all time.

(Abigaiil) #11

Just keep swimming - see what happens.


I just think people were afraid to see how awesome Vashir was. You got to ride a freaking sea horse as a mount. A SEA HORSE.


Sure. Azshara. There’s no quests in the middle, but its a zone.


Oh you big joker, you… I don’t think anyone would truly want that or even wish it upon their enemies. Silly.


Pretend that Thousand Needles is still flooded and you have your water zone.


Exactly. There are tons of unfinished zones from vanilla. Why not use Azshara for the underwater zone. How fitting would that be considering 8.2 theme?


Sunken Temple is underwater. I mean, you’re not swimming, but the temple is underwater, yes?


Based off prior experience, this would be the one change they would adopt to classic just so they manage to mess it up somehow lol.


I didn’t say change it. I said we have one.

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I enjoyed Vashj’ir. The Warmaiden line was great!

I think every zone that touches ocean has an elite shark(s) that patrol it.