Hati Taming in Temple of Storms Bugged


The Temple of Storms REALLY needs to be instanced/sharded for hunters who have completed the Hati quests. It is impossible to tame ones from the Thunderspark because of all the activity going on there.

Hati will spawn, some of us can start to tame him, but he ALWAYS despawns before the tame completes.

This is extremely aggravating.

Have Tried:

  • Abandoning Hati from Ulduar
  • Restarting Client
  • Playing Ice Trap
  • Firing a Shot at Hati to Aggro

No matter what he simply despawns.

We need our own instance for this.


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Good thing they kept all the testers… super laggy there, takes up to 30 seconds to process any command.



That aside, my brother told me it was bugged on the PTR (Thorim would not phase in). But since my main is a hunter and his is an alt, he wondered if it was the fact that he had not done all the content out there during Wrath so he asked me to try.

I did and got the same result… no Thorim. We both submitted bug reports but obviously they didn’t apply them to the PTR.

They really need to start thinking better and actually using the tools they created like sharding and individual phasing.

I was really looking forward to having my dog back after they took him away 8 months ago and they really stepped in :poop:.


I tried logging out, I tried leaving zone and coming back, I tried dismissing pet, etc… etc…

Not to mention, now all the griefers have moved in, at least 30 set up shop on giant mounts so you can’t find the clicking item and made it virtually impossible to do anything.

That + extreme lag.

Congrats Blizz… another great launch.


Same here.

I know, right? You would think after years, especially with developers like Ion who have been with the WoW team for over a decade now, they would know that people are going to be jerks if they can because they have nothing better to do.

And they need to be proactive about preventing it rather than reactive like they always are.

(Merilwen) #7

If only they still had QA testers… oh wait, Bobby needed a bigger paycheck :frowning:


This is what the area looks like…


My guess is that each of us hitting the stone causes the previous person’s Hati to despawn.


Just FYI, I was having the exact same problem. I went and turned war mode off and returned, and was able to tame all of the Hati chromas.


I have War Mode disabled.


Good for you. I never use warmode. At least someone is able to get something going today.

(Marniia) #13

Make sure you have an empty pet slot!!!


Looks like they fixed it. I was able to tame 4 different versions without issue.