Has something changed?

The last 36 hours or so has been so… peaceful on the forums. What happened?

It’s nice. :dracthyr_love_animated:


nerf ww
nerf mages
nerf sp
and nerf rets
and nerf mm


not yet, i’m still playing to get glad

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I hope the rest of your season goes better friend :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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Wild dude wants all those nerfed and doesn’t mention Aug. Spriest doesn’t need any more nerfs. It’s in a fine spot. Nerf MM damage, buff its defensives. We’ve been asking for that this entire time.

People don’t even care enough about WoW to complain anymore.


Nope, I’m still seeing plenty of complaining. :dracthyr_a1: And projection.

spries isnt even good tho.

We’ve hit the acceptance stage

You forgot aug


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P sure that guy wants anything he doesn’t like going against as warrior nerfed.

Gotta wonder how good warriors will be in the meta he’s describing after those nerfs.

idk about this one

spriest and arms are parallels imo

there’s a few insane spriest comps that easy are top ladder competitors (splay & spdk)
the way ret/war and thunder are for warrior

whether thats because of ret/unh/ele/destro or because or spriest/arms seems almost irrelevant in this specific context

i don’t know that i’d go out of my way to target spriest or arms in the current meta
but i will say the md cr change and the ignore pain rage spend change are welcome changes overall

Yea its A tier in these 2 comps and C tier in everything else

but if im a dk id 10x rather play with an aug and if im a lock id 10x rather play with an ele sham or mage

I’d rather reroll Ret or DH

tbf every melee in the games best comp is with aug rn.

The druid that I committed to having as my single HC character refuses to die, and so I keep playing that and that leads to posting less. Whatever else I am, I’m definitely not a peaceful sweetiepie.

warriors best comp is with ele and rogues best comp is with mage and wws best comp is with arcane and rets best comp is with MM

Only one of those that I’d agree with is rogue, but I feel like outlaw aug could be disgusting too.
Ret war mw is also way better than both thunder and cupid right now, but I think war aug and ret aug are both better than them just because of aug. But maybe warrior aug is still worse than ret war, haven’t really seen anyone decent play it.

nah ret warr gets farmed by double caster and rmp but rdruid thunder can actually beat everything. MM hpriest cupid also can destroy the wizard teams and rmps that ret warr gets farmed by.

Like if a ret warr queues into MLHPal on tol viron they are going to auto lose but a thunder or cupid has a even matchup.

I think the only caster matchup ret war actually struggles with right now is mld and maybe mm mage, and even against those it’s nowhere near an auto loss. Ret war is probably the second best comp in the game right now behind aug melee mw.
Mlx is also not very common at the highest ratings, at least right now. It’s primarily melee cleaves, and aug comps. Which is also why I don’t think there’s a single cupid playing over 2800. The only one was vanguards and yoske and they haven’t played much cupid lately. Preferring ret war since it’s currently better.