Has something changed?

boomy ele and hpal splay should farm ret warr if its not a tiny map

boomy ele and rmp are better than both of these. Aug is disguisting beyond belief and aug comps are probably the easiest to climb with to glad mmr and below but if were talking about the absolute best comps played to the max potential it isnt really in the conversation

Nah ret war should beat both of those.

Maybe in a tournament setting, but in a ladder setting ret war is better than both. And ret war should beat most rmp’s right now. Sure Wazz’s rmp is going to beat every comp in the game. But for the average r1 level player playing rmp they are still going to struggle into ret war playing rmp.

In a ladder sense, ability to climb is what determines a comps viability. Aug melee will generally have an overall better matchup spread for most players than rmp will. Rmp’s just a way harder comp.
Is turbo an S tier comp just because larros is rank 1 NA with it? No, because the average r1 player won’t be able to emulate those results.

how does arcane sub hpriest lose to ret warr?

how does a ret warr beat destro sp hpal on tol viron? whats the strategy? When i played splay at 2600mmr i never lost to any ret warr( or any melee cleave at all. Like the games werent even close)

Rogue dies to ret war? So does hpriest?

A good ret warrior will just run over the sp no problem.

rogues with 5 vanishes 2 evasions cheat death disarm being peeled by freecasting mage dies to ret warr? How does the ret warr acomplish this? Can you be more specific?

A shadowpriest abusing hpal freedom + 2 bops+kick immunity and 1min cd 100 yard gate with a freecasting destro warlock is going to get run over ? How?

You act like rogue doesn’t die in stuns. Especially against the comp that has the freest 123 double stun go in the game. And if they have mw they even have peels for mage during it. Meanwhile melee cleaves generally eat rogues alive. Then whenever he presses vanish they can just tab the priest, which ret war also does a ton of damage to. Ret war can also peel rmx goes pretty well with sac, sanc, bladestorm, fear, and disarm also. If they have mw also port stun and revival are pretty annoying to deal with also. Ret war can also create some pretty long instant cc chains with fear, into stun into monk para.

Ret war also has freedom, and their even has a speedboost tied in.

Shatter/ swap hpal.

it’s a 3 minute cd it’s not that relevant and can use stuns, fears, etc during it.

Think you added a few too many yards there. Warrior insta reconnects with leap and ret is primarily ranged anyways.

Fears really shouldn’t matter at all since they have to deal with aoe berserker rage, sanc, sac, bladestorm, reflect, etc.

The damage can be a lot, but ret war mw has a lot of ways to react to it/ out sustain it.

really easy for any hpriest sub rogue team to pre use fade or angelform or step or vanish or disarm or literally any of their 25 cooldowns to shut down the go and even if they dont the mage can just peel with double db sheepspam. Worst case scenario some1 presses a trinket.

If an arcane rmp loses to ret warr they are HARD trolling.

mine has a speedboost tied in it and when combined with feather its way faster.

no1 plays this

im just gonna get gripped or gate across the map.

its 1.5 with my spec and the honor talent. That means for every other 45 second double coil dark ascension stun silence pop the entire team has kick immunity.

Warrior definitely does not insta reconnect with leap

no1 is outhealing a freecasting 100k dps destro lock. Especially not a ret warr mw with no curse dispel. Whenever i have played with a destro lock that isn’t the kill target I auto win the game.

I have played the splay vs ret warr literally the entire expansion and I am undefeated. Unless its a cheese map like hook point the games arent even remotely close.

Ontop of having to deal with amp curse disabling ret crit for his entire wings they have to deal with searing glare. Literally one of the most one sided matchups in the game idk what universe you think ret warr wins pls link me a stream of a ret warr beating splay.

So here’s the thing. We could go on and on saying this comp is better and wins because of this. But is there really a point? It’s just a never-ending loop till someone gets bored and both people will walk away thinking they are right.

Both comps are good, but as of late the representation of comps over 2900 has primarily been melee cleaves and aug comps at least based on what i’ve been seeing. Maybe it’s just been a freak anomaly and no streamers qing into all the splays and rmps that are dominating the ladder. This is just my personal account.

But also if splay does decimate every melee cleave like you say, Just get to 2700 mmr and you’ll have a free trip to 2900 because that’s over half the q’s right now.

what makes sp dk good? I’ve been trying it withs randos in lfg and it seems… lackluster

i know petkick is playing it at 2900 but that’s petkick

maybe it requires a really good sp? most pf the ones i played with peak at 30k dps and flop the moment 2 melee look at them

Does it work with the other mage specs? Or does the quality dramatically drop that badly when not played with arcane?

pretty sure everyone quit . its just you, kenny, biebz and swole left. i dont consider myself part of the arena community so yeah lol

The point is that you cannot debunk any of the logic presented with real information.
I think ret warr can win on dal sewers or hook point. But I just showed you why its really hard for them on tol viron and you can’t rebuttal it with real information.

I already know ret warr is a better ladder comp than splay. But saying ret warrr “runs over” hpal splay is just intellectually dishonest

And on EU its all wizard cleaves, rmps and aug ferals. Representation of the small r1 community isn’t always an indicator of what is the best.

unhealable massive dam 45 second go with 30 different ccs

Yeah more people stopped playing

Low quality bait right there.

You giving a single map where the comp could have the advantage is just cherry picking anyways.

we aren’t on eu. Na and eu meta has always been drastically different.

i know that this is probably 4d trolling but none of the players you mention in this post actually play arena

they just diary post on the forums because they have no social outlet


100 different ranged instant drs
insane damage
doomburst is basically ascendance proc and void torrent is basically 3 chaos bolts

both unh and sp are insanely durable so hpal can sit back and heal almost exclusively with infusions so it never ooms
or rdruid can sit back and pve heal from 40 yards and wrath for mana

i’m not saying this is the proper way to play the comp but if you’re playing super uncoordinated LFG games do it
just grip the healer every 30 seconds onto your priest for fear
have your hpal push in to hoj something when the fear happens

every 30 seconds you have insane free instant cross without even thinking about silence/strang/asphyxiate/horrify/sleet/rep
use any of those literally randomly or off your scripted little grip fear hoj
then just pve
you should win long before you lose


thats the point

same rule applies for maldraxxus, emphyrean domain, mugumbula , and enigma

you want it to be but it’s not

i post here about arena
you don’t even play arena

i’m not confident you even know what formats arena is played

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Oh, it is.

watching remi tell seratox the absolute truth is the best thing on the forums.