Has anyone else heard about the autohotkey debaucle?

sources on the internet are telling me that blizzard has addressed an issue. a fairly big one too if you ask me.

Some players have been proven to be using 3rd party tools that, in a nut shell, play the game to perfect precision for them.
I think they were calling it “auto-macro-auto-hotkey??”
basically, the player installs this program, copy and pastes some script into the mix and their character will automatically pump through spell rotation and auto- interrupt any spells that might CC them down to the first, or last millisecond so the target player has no time to react. theres more game breaking features of these 3’rd party programs that im not aware of.

blizzard has acknowledged the issue and also made a statement that a large number of players with high rating for rated PvP content like 2’s, 3’s and 10’s have been using this stuff.


Just thought I would drop this on the main thread and make people a bit aware of this.

side note:
I love World of Wacraft. To this day I still feel a sense of… something… for this game, and am proud of the folks at blizzard for adressing this issue

You mean this thread: Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP


that would be the one good sir. thank you for posting the link. hopefully blizz does something to break this discraceful game breaking garbage once and for all.
hopefully a permanent ban/account closure for those using this tech too.

Wow has it’s own scripting language LUA, and countless addons rely on it to automate some UI thingies which isn’t dangerous, so I’m not sure you all wanna go down this road but more power to you all. Grab your torches and pitchforks while I grab my popcorn.

I don’t think authotkey does all that.

The addons combined with autohotkey are what make those things possible.

For most people, autohotkey is just a way to create a castsequence of two more more spells in a row that have a global cooldown inbetween so you can reduce the number of keybinds needed. With all the excessive keybinds in this game, I honestly don’t have a problem with it.

You aren’t going from 1600 rating to 2400 rating because you reduced your keybind count by 3 or 4 abilities.

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Plus…you know…access through the LUA is how bots scripts are possible too but that’s another story. Blizzard’s banhammer might not even come down on this whole autohotkey outrage, but that’s just a guess.

Huh. I just used autohotkey to rebind the printscreen function when I was using a Mac keyboard lol. Guess I should make sure to not leave it running when I open WoW in case it’s detected as bot software.

Mostly people use AHK to be able to continuously press a button while its held. This is functionality that can be found other places like Razor Synapse. It saves on possible injuries leading to tendentious and carpel tunnel. It also helps those who already have disabilities “press” keys faster. It can also be used to disable or rebind keys. I use it to prevent hitting the window key while in WoW as I have a tendency to hit it when using modifiers.

From the video these look like what the OP is actually discussing are macros that you can copy and paste in game. Its not much different than the following that ensures you are in bear form when casting regrowth (making it so it won’t cast unless you have a predatory swiftness proc.)

/run if InCombatLockdown() then SetCVar("autounshift", 0) end
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][@targettarget,help,nodead][@player]Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

It looks like the OP is also mixing GSE into the fray with the name auto macro. If thats the case than this addon just allows you to spam cast sequence macros that can be longer than those in game and will allow you to skip abilities that are on CD. Don’t get me wrong its an amazing addon that has helped many people out and can be used in fairly high end M+ and raids but by no means is it perfect play.


How are they addressing it?

And people use it to “get around” the limitations of castsequence macros. This way you can string together numerous spells with global cooldowns into a single keybind.

Not sure it’s really a massive cheat… all it really does is free up a few keybinds.

I can see it being used to combine abilities with short cooldowns of 15 seconds or less that each have a global cooldown.

You aren’t going to become a 2000+ arena player or start owning mythic raids using it. Sure, you’ll improve a little bit, but i don’t think it has a huge impact.

And not sure how you can stop it because all it is doing is pressing keybinds like you normally would… and you can always use an MMORPG mouse. But I hate the interface on those things.

The real issue are addons.


sorry it was driving me crazy

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