Has any streamers been banned?

By inaction, blizz has made it clear that cheating in wow classic is perfectly ok. No punishments for anyone and in a few months they might look around and see how destroyed the servers economies are and scratch their heads and shrug “Gee I wonder how this happened!”


Which streamers exploited and what evidence do you have?

Incorrect. Esfand did deliberately use the exploit. He just did it with Blizzard’s consent.


WTH is going on constant threads about streamers?

It’s getting super old.


Child molesters get to make a mockery of justice systems around the world, but we get to listen to almost any album for free…

Definitely not a deal I’d make, but our boy Lucy is trying at least.

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blizzard doesn’t care what streamers do unless they cost them a lot of money

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yes… it’s been repeatedly talked about and shown.

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wtf? flagging for offensiveness.

Luckily most streamers rolled on one server along with a lot of their minions. There exploit will be mostly contained to that one server.

Yawn. The real question is has anyone been banned for utilizing this glitch. You people are so obsessed with what streamers do. Who even watches these people? Just play the game and enjoy yourself. Stop worrying about what others are doing.

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That can be a loaded statement, Earthwurm.

The person that is heavily using exploits to hit 60 in a week, get all BiS gear and load up on rare mats to sell to wrack up gold would be perfectly fine with your statement. After all, you shouldn’t worry about what others are doing with such a statement, just play the game. Let them cheat away to their heart’s content. Hell, let’s allow the whole playerbase to cheat to their heart’s content, why worry right?

That can lead to all kinds of things going wrong with the game and players leaving for greener pastures. They should punish all cheaters on principle, without distinction.


My bad, I forgot Esfand was God.


Everyone gets the death penalty eventually

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Asmongold, Swifty, Jokerd, Esfand and Skarmtank have recent videos. Skarm hinted he might get banned but also pointed out that he only did the exploit once so he might have skated free.

Sodapoppin (naturally) and Venruki (with the huge red flag, the Rivendare mount) have not streamed since the 16th. Maybe they have been banned? Remains to be seen.

Presumably countless other non-streamers have been banned that we’ll never hear about.

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Do you even understand the difference between rules and laws?

Anyways, report and move on.

No, it’s interesting. Let me explain why.

When people cheat and abuse exploits, Blizzard historically sends out wave bans. Up until this point, we never know who the cheats are because Blizz does not reveal that information.

With streamers, we will quickly learn if they get preferential treatment because we will know who got banned because they suddenly stop streaming.

Now, if no streamers get banned then we KNOW they get significant preferential treatment from Blizzard because there is now way that zero streamers took advantage of this lucrative bug.

If some streamers get banned, then we know who the cheats are and who the cheat aren’t. Because honestly, despite the hate he gets for being a streamer, I have more respect for Esfand now than before after watching his response to the MC respawn bug.

Even Michael Jackson albums.

You mean banned on just that one account right?

Uhg he is a shady private server player. He knew exactly what he was doing and he manipulated that whole situation to appear to be an honest player. Honest players don’t intentionally reset a raid via an exploit then play dumb then proceed to take advantage of the exploit because e Lore said it was ok.


I haven’t heard of any top streamers abusing the layering instance bug. Only esfand which was a bug that was not because of layering, only happened once, and happened on accident/was not abused.