Has any streamers been banned?

Unfortunately Blizz feel like they get something out of streamers in the way of free advertising, so quite often they get a free pass.

It would probably take something pretty heinous for them to bring the ban hammer upon them unfortunately. The rest of us not so much.

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Some poster also said that a streamer was teaching his audience how to exploit this glitch via his twitch stream. And so far all streamers are unaffected. You must know these streamers provide free publicity to Activision Blizzard. They won’t hurt them one bit.


Which streamer hurt you?


There is no justice in this world. If the elites in Jeffey Epstein’s black book still roam free, what chance do you think this game has? Satan’s world really does suck.


Did a streamer deliberately use the exploit?

Esfand did not - they went into the raid and found that it reset. They spoke with a GM before they did anything and asked them what they should do. It seems that everyone here is just on a witch hunt for streamers.

If a streamer was deliberately exploiting the layering issue multiple times, by all means, lets see it.


What about the clip of Skarmtank using it to spawn the boss in gnomer that drops the crowd pummeler? Seems like that should be bannable… Esfand one is over now and nothing will be done.


Streamer cultists are a scourge in need of purging.


If they did so and you are so certain they did, why don’t you find the clip of them doing so and report it to Blizzard?

By inaction, blizz has made it clear that cheating in wow classic is perfectly ok. No punishments for anyone and in a few months they might look around and see how destroyed the servers economies are and scratch their heads and shrug “Gee I wonder how this happened!”


Which streamers exploited and what evidence do you have?

Incorrect. Esfand did deliberately use the exploit. He just did it with Blizzard’s consent.


WTH is going on constant threads about streamers?

It’s getting super old.


Child molesters get to make a mockery of justice systems around the world, but we get to listen to almost any album for free…

Definitely not a deal I’d make, but our boy Lucy is trying at least.

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blizzard doesn’t care what streamers do unless they cost them a lot of money

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yes… it’s been repeatedly talked about and shown.

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wtf? flagging for offensiveness.

Luckily most streamers rolled on one server along with a lot of their minions. There exploit will be mostly contained to that one server.

Yawn. The real question is has anyone been banned for utilizing this glitch. You people are so obsessed with what streamers do. Who even watches these people? Just play the game and enjoy yourself. Stop worrying about what others are doing.

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That can be a loaded statement, Earthwurm.

The person that is heavily using exploits to hit 60 in a week, get all BiS gear and load up on rare mats to sell to wrack up gold would be perfectly fine with your statement. After all, you shouldn’t worry about what others are doing with such a statement, just play the game. Let them cheat away to their heart’s content. Hell, let’s allow the whole playerbase to cheat to their heart’s content, why worry right?

That can lead to all kinds of things going wrong with the game and players leaving for greener pastures. They should punish all cheaters on principle, without distinction.