Hardware ban When?

Yes and I know the ban is on software, because that’s what it says. If someone came up with some hardware that could do it, like someone mentioned a KVM switch, then at the moment that wouldn’t be against the policy because the policy is only for software.


We both know WoW will never switch all servers to warmode all the time. I like my pve space where I don’t have to deal with pvp if I don’t want to. I don’t want to be forced into pvp just because some botters are spamming boomkins all over the place. If I wanted to be paranoid I’d go play EVE and look at my scanner constantly pinging space at range while already facing my warp out destination.

If anything the solution might be to phase out those boomkins from one another if too many are in one area. It’s not an elegant solution but if a raid comp is all one class or vast majority, if they are in a raid group, then they get phased from each other to reduce lag and hopefully interfere with their botting. Or they cannot loot anything, skin, herb gather, or mine nodes, other than a boss for loot to prevent it interfering with normal raid groups in the open world.

except… that’s not what a KVM switch does.

But then you read the first line or two of my post and mashed the reply button without reading the rest of it, lol.

But anyhow. They gave you a software limitation, saying “don’t broadcast inputs with software”.

They also gave you a rule that says “don’t use hardware to do something you can’t with software.”

I don’t really understand why you’re having the trouble of making the connection between those two statements.

That’s like saying A = B, B = C therefore A = C.

Where? :thinking:


One could easily, if they wanted to, bridge the gap to expand that to mean using hardware to bypass any software limitation, not just including to macros, because it says “i.e.” meaning “anything like this”.

ROFL I love how you deleted this link that says:

The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware.


“No other restrictions have been announced.” != “no other restrictions exist”.

This means that this could change, easily, especially if people start using hardware to broadcast input.

The spirit of the rule is very clear: “We don’t want you broadcasting inputs to multiple accounts simultaneously to automate inputs.” Maybe clicking through windows is okay, but if they start seeing people with hardware setups running around with a slew of characters… well, they might revisit that hardware thing.

My guess? They are hoping people play nice with this, because they don’t want to ban things like Steam Link because there are valid, non-MB uses for such things.

That is not a good idea. For them to do something like that would requiere a software that could read your pc.

And i am not fan of it. THere is a reason I don’t play valorant or other stuff with such stupid sistems.

Yes let’s ban the use of wireless mice and keyboards !
That will stop some multiboxers !!!



That’s my whole purpose of speaking out against using hardware to get around the software broadcasting rule.

People will take things too far, and then Blizz will have to react and it will be worse for everybody.

RE:Somalion: that’s not what we mean by broadcasting inputs. What we mean, a Keyboard, Mouse, or other input device sending inputs to multiple machines simultaneously.

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Right, right but you specifically said:

Which at the moment is not against the policy. You just think it is.

Also, this isn’t talking about hardware: Keyboards/mouse macros. It’s talking about macros. People were creating some pretty elaborate macros and it wasn’t just multiboxers that were doing it.

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Right wireless mouse and keyboard + multiple receivers can do the exact same thing, so should we ban wireless mice and keyboards ?

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Okay, fine, maybe it isn’t against policy right now, as per the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law, I’d be real careful with that.

Do you want to see Blizz getting more strict with hardware rules? I don’t. But it’s going to happen if people think hardware is a loophole that they can abuse.

You just have to sit back and ask yourself “why did they make that software rule?” and the reason is quite clear: they don’t want bots, and they don’t want people automating crap, even if there is someone sitting at the computer.

So, using a hardware setup that does that to get around the software rule is breaking the spirit of why that rule was put there in the first place. If you’re gonna MB, you gotta find some way of doing it without automation. It’s a lot of work, and they’re OK with that because it’s far less effective without automation.

It would also help if Blizz was out there in force tackling the problem head on rather than reacting to the problem when the players speak up. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reported bots and then a week later I get a message from Blizzard and I’m left standing there like “what? Oh yeah from when I was questing in X place”

Why not just have an intern or something, give them a ban button, park them in known farming spots and let them go to town until Blizzard can come up with a better solution.

If they are used to control multiple machines? Yes.

Though to be quite honest with you, on Blizzard’s end, if they see 6 characters running around performing precise simultaneous actions, they aren’t going to know if you’re using a wireless device with multiple receivers, or software, or some hardware multi-output device… you’re gonna get hit.

Only the Logitech Trackman Marble is permissible. Anything else creates an unfair advantage for those that don’t lose their trackball mid boss fight.

Only if you are using software, the other ones are not against the rules so no penalty will be applied.

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If Blizz sees 6 characters moving exactly the same, and performing simultaneous, matching inputs, they will know someone is somehow broadcasting inputs.

How are they going to tell if you’re using software (which is against the ToS), or using a hardware solution to do this, without scanning your PC’s memory/processes/whatever?

Warden sees what other programs you have running on the computer and they know what they are so they look for them and if they are there then you have violated policy.

Part of the ToS you agree to let warden scan all that.

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They are not literally watching people, they are running programs to detect stuff.

:point_up_2: this knows the difference.

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