Halondrus Graphical Glitch - Invisible planet crackers

Heroic Halondrus - a number of graphical glitches for the whole raid group, with intermission phases having backgrounds disappear. In final room the planet cracker beams only visible at odd angles or directly over the player.


We’re seeing the same graphical glitches on mythic tonight


Having the same issue

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Can confirm the issue here as well.

occuring for us too. :frowning: Everyone in the raid cannot see orbital beams unless your camera goes in like a special place you occasionally see them.

Same bug here, would have had our first kill but couldnt see anything in Phase 3.

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I have a video of what this looks at at about 1:16:40 at this link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1500380870

I wasn’t observing it very closely seeing as I’m not sober, but on another attempt after I die, I try panning the camera up and down to find what angles hide these orbs.

If you put your camera completely horizontal (parallel with the ground) you can see orbital cannons. But good luck seeing anything else… We gave up after several phase 3 wipes.

We ran into the same thing tonight.

THANK you for this. I’ve gone and clipped this if you don’t mind, of a clear view of what’s happening to share on twitter and file with a report for them. It was very annoying to deal with tonight.

Can confirm bombs sometimes go invisible when dropped. Also last phase the rotating death showers are invisible as well. This was on mythic

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Happened to us too. Affected everyone in the raid. Sometimes the ground would appear to be missing too.

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Happened to me and the rest of my guild.
Bombs (all phases) and Planet Cracker (P3 only).

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Happened to us as well. Duplicate thread here: Mythic halondrus invisible bombs and planet cracker - #7 by Dovienya-spinebreaker

This needs to get fixed asap. Not being able to see planet crackers and/or bombs is…well, silly.

Same issue for the past two nights with my guild’s raid team. Tonight we found that rotating your camera almost to ground level, slightly looking up allows you to seem them some time.

same here. my little casual guild is progressing through heroic and we finally made it to last phase only to realize that the orbs are invisible to about 90% of the raid.

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Can confirm. Visual bugs like the walls and abilities popping in and out of the screen depending on the position of the camera.

Can confirm the same issue in Heroic on Saturday, June 11.

Same issue, decided to Vantus and burn it.

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Happened to us as well this evening during our heroic reclear, ended up giving up on the boss cause of this bug.