[H&A] {Thrall} Raiding and Mythic+ guild <VRO> - LF chill committed players to join full time raid roster

Hey I’m Lunchtime, GM for Vro on Thrall!
We’re currently looking for a number of players to fill out our Dragonflight raid roster! Although anyone is welcome to check us out.
Raid times are Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 9:00pm-11:30pm EST. We are currently 9/9 Heroic. You will get AOTC!

Below is a list of what we are looking for to fill out our roster -As of 9/23-

Melee Need
• Unholy/Frost DK
• Enh Shaman
• Havoc DH
• Sub Rogue
• Fury/arms warrior

Ranged Need
• balance druid
• Marksman Hunter
• Shadow Priest
• Holy Priest
• Disc Priest
• Warlock
•Resto Shaman
Our guild also hosts weekly Mythic+ runs on Thursday’s and Sunday’s 9:00 pm EST

We are a chill group of dedicated players who are looking for those who want to be part of team, without the stresses of a hardcore guild (we would define ourselves as midcore). Vro has many talented and experienced players already. Whether you are a returning player or a regular player, we want you! Horde and Alliance both welcome! We also have a vibrant and active discord that is welcome to all members! So come check us out!

Beyond our Raid needs, we’re also recruiting for anyone who’s interested in just being part of a chill community, whether your thing is raids, mythic+, pvp, or PVE content, we welcome all!

Don’t be afraid to add me, BT: Profentus#1629 or on Discord: Lunchtime1


Message me Bt Blood#1210

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We’re still recruiting! If you’re interested in joining a budding community of chill friends doing challenging endgame content, just hmu. Don’t be afraid to add, my BT is Profentus#1629

I joined and these guys have a really cool thing going on this guild. I like them and they are very willing to makes this guild a place where peeps can really enjoy this game. 2 Thumbs up from me.

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I can vouch. Everyone is super chill and just wants to do content and not get gatekept.


We are still looking for raiders who want an active guild and want a home. This is the place.

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Are you guys open to someone starting fresh and just coming back to the game? I will push to max level asap and like the sound of the guild.

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Absolutely! we’re happy to help you get started back in the game, add me on Battle net Profentus#1629

Good group of people who are just having fun. Everyone is there to progress but in not a super serious annoying way. Glad i joined :slight_smile:


The countdown has begun!

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New people are joining every day!

Check VRO out if your looking for a new home and want to progress in the game. We are willing to help in all aspects of getting you to a place where you can enjoy end game content. Send us a whisper and we will do our best.

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Come join us at VRO! We are a friendly guild that welcomes both new and returning players, and are willing to help others gear up and help out in anyway possible!

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Bump it up!

Added you on Bnet. Interested in joining.

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Can’t wait to meet!

Come and Join us at VRO! Were getting new members everyday, and were actively looking for more people to fill up our raid team and make for mythic+ groups!

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DF is only 2 months away so join us to help build a community of good people and fun times over at Vro!

Come join fellas! My wife’s boyfriend just bought me a new computer and a WoW subscription and I wanna game with some homies!


That’s very nice of him!